Sunday soliloquy


Image by St. Mary's Digital Archives via Flickr

I was given this by a friend who thought I might have a chuckle at it. I’m not certain where it originates from, but I think you might like it. And maybe your kids might?

Old fashioned thinking? Maybe some of it is, or maybe it is just as relevant to parenting today? Just saying…


  1. I don’t think this is as old fashioned as we are led to believe by the media. I raised my kids this way – though the dating age is definitely old fashioned. As much as we’d like to hold it off I think you’d be hard pressed to find girls who didn’t date until they were 15 or 16.



    1. Yes, culture has a way of creating ‘normal’, which means we have to be even more vigilant in holding onto what is right for our families. I’m aware of courting rituals going on today… as old fashioned as it sounds. You provided a great launching pad for your kids… and they are flying! Good on you!



      1. Thanks Lesley-Anne, you’ve got some pretty awesome little birds yourself! I get frustrated with off handed comments in the media that say things are a certain way. I don’t think I’m all that different from average and I’d really like to know what the true facts are. For example, the media constantly comments about how people aren’t cooking any more and eating mostly junk food. Most people I know are in fact cooking most days, and the influx of specialty markets, fancy cooking utensils, cooking shows, blogs etc. would seem to be leaning the facts in the other direction. Is there any way to discover the truth?


  2. Ok, on re-reading I have to admit my children are not God Fearing and there were times that they slept in on the weekends, but despite that, they are honest, educated, kind, generous, loving and helpful to people in need both near and far. They aren’t perfect, but as I biased Mom I have to say they’re pretty awesome! :)



  3. I wish I knew the answer to that, Suzan, but alas I continue to season everything in this world with a huge grain of salt, and try to build my life on the only absolutes that I can entirely depend on… God, my family, and a handful of good friends.



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