Why music?

Sonatas for Violin and Piano (Grieg)

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When the weather is grey, and Spring seems like it will never come, I sometimes get confused, lose my perspective, and feel like there’s not much hope. My regular everyday life feels overwhelming, and it’s all I can do to get out of bed and carry on. My faith takes a beating, and God seems far away. I know he’s there, but I just can’t seem to find the right frequency to connect with him. So, I wait for change. I keep taking my vitamins, keep doing the things I’ve been given to do to the best of my low energy ability, and wait. Because I know change and Spring will come. This morning I happened upon these videos and the small miracles in the voices of these kids, and a shift happened in me. I looked up to see the sun coming through my Winter windows. I considered going outside with my dog.

So I ask you, if there’s no God, then why is there music? Where does it come from?

1. 6 year old Connie sings, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’;

2. Cover of Lady Gaga, ‘Born this Way’;

3. Brendan MacFarlane, from Perth, UK,  sings, ‘I got a woman’;


  1. You said it, sister. This is a primary reason why I believe beauty to be every bit as much truth as truth is beautiful. Since we cannot quantify, capture or control beauty, as with God, we often hold it at arm’s length, thereby denying ourselves of the very healing of God through it.

    Thanks for this…R



  2. Lesley-Anne
    I’d love to come over and have a cup of tea with you, but I can’t…-12 in Toronto and lots of snow….but:)
    I hope the sun stays in your Kelowna sky long enough to warm the earth around you and start those bulbs a blooming, the birds a singing, and the bees a buzzing, because you need to hear God’s creation singing to you.
    Go out and buy a bunch of flowers and put a few in every room, better yet a pot or two of white tulips …I love them especially when they start to tip over the pot….get out your water colour paints and a sketch book and capture the beauty…ask for daily hugs…give them freely…and play the most upbeat happy music… loud… tell your puppy dancing is good for the soul…and do take her out for a walk…on the sunny side of the street ..face the sun and soak up some rays….good for you and good for her:) …and then sit down and have a cup of green tea! One day at a time:)



  3. Thank you Leslie-Anne…I can relate. Your words were my feelings. Love the music. It has picked me up and the day looks a little brigher :)



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