It’s beautiful out here…

324. kisses on the eyelids, so tender

325. the little bird that finds me in a parking lot, drinks water from the lid of my water bottle when I bend down to answer his question


unless (Photo credit: Dean Terry)

326. dog napping at my feet

327. the first writing morning in a long number of days

328. returning to gratitude

329. summer birthdays

330. wine and sweetheart cherries in the candle lit garden

331. friends around the table

332. teenagers sleeping in late

333. teenagers who are gainfully employed

334. husband rising for work

335. healthy bodies

336. the possible

337. “Unless” by Carol Shields

338. remembering Port Townsend tribe

339. opportunities presenting when eyes and hands are open

340. friends who are patient and kind

341. morning sounds

342. finding poems where you least expect

343. considering laundry

344. God who never grows tired, never gives up, waits while I do both

345. wrinkles that prove living

346. a face held by hands, top of head kissed and life words spoken

347. directors of my spirit, soul friends

348. anticipating solitude

349. family holiday plans

350. blueberry waffle plans for tomorrows breakfast

351. photography and captured moments

352. children who pull away, grow strong, test wings

353. young adult son full license success

354. reminders of those with less that teach me more

355. reminders that intentions are not enough

356. reminders to act, phone, speak, write, touch, walk, move…

357. harvest… always

Different kinds of cherries

Different kinds of cherries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vacation randomness… (hereto known as Mid-week random ramble)

Things of note this week, in a rather random manner;

1.  The carton of eggs that I purchased from the Co-op, has only 11 eggs in it… a first for me. Usually I check for broken eggs, not for less than a dozen inside! Hmmm… one short of a dozen…

2. Our beach fire was stolen from us. We set out our chairs, put wood in the fire pit ready to light, set extra wood and axe at the side, went for supper and presto… the space was taken over by our ‘neighbours’ who moved our chairs and wood out of their way. Bob tried to reason with them, but they would have nothing to do with it. When Bob suggested this was not appropriate social behaviour, they said, “What are you, German?” Huh?

(After some seething, jaw dropping, perspective getting discussions amongst ourselves back at our place, we went back down to the beach and recreated our intentions in another location… it was lovely.)

3. The front tires on my car were deemed by KAL Tire in Nanaimo to be worn out with about 2 weeks of life left. Enough to get us back home and that’s about it. My car is less than 2 years old! Looks like I’ll be having a conversation with the Ford dealership when we get back to Kelowna! My car is the family vehicle… about 30,000 km on it.

4. The kids are reading books. The kids are talking to each other. The kids are walking on the beach, in the forest, in town. The kids are enamored with sea shells, rocks, logs, and water.

5. We are eating candy, chocolate, ice cream, and we don’t care what anyone thinks about that!

6. We are sleeping in, staying up late, and napping, and we don’t care what anyone thinks about that!

7. Dollar store glow sticks are most fun when joined into big circles and used as frisbees on the beach after 11 pm.

8. 3 kids and 2 adults can fit into a 2 bedroom townhouse. 3 kids can fit into one bedroom.

9. It is possible to sleep with the door wide open to the sounds of ocean waves crashing, as long as you have a down comforter on your bed.

10. Having a new chef every day adds a lot of energy and creativity to vacation eating!

11. Someone elses collection of books, magazines, artwork and music is often more interesting than your own.

12. Culture changes can be found by driving several hours away from home, not just by travel to another country.

13. Local restaurants recommended by locals can be the most satisfying to test out.

14. Two European men were found staring at my car (Ford Flex) in the Co-op store parking lot. We gave them a tour, highlighting what we love about our vehicle, smiles were exchanged and we went on our way again.

15. Patterns are everywhere when you are looking to photograph them. Textures cannot be photographed, only touched.

16.  God is everywhere, but most evident in big and wild places like the Pacific Rim.

17. God is everywhere, but most evident in the small and intricate places like tidal pools when the tide is out.

18. Blogging is still a mystery to me, who is reading, why, what effect my words have on them.

19. Firsts, like getting a poem published in a literary magazine such as Lake = Journal of Art and Environment, mark places in a journey where I can look back and say, “God did that.”

20. Vacations are times to relax, reflect, regroup and prepare for what is to come. No matter how much I plan and anticipate what I will do on vacation, I always do ‘less’ but in fact ‘more’ than what I had in mind.

Just a little bit longer…

Dear friends,

I’m on vacation with my family… thought there might be time to blog, but I was mistaken. We have been too busy bonding in the sweet Hawaiian sunshine.

But, being one who is often (unnecessarily) concerned about meeting everyone’s spoken and unspoken expectations, I’m thinking now that I’ve not met yours after being absent for quite a few days. If so, then I must ask you to forgive me, and to please bear with me. I anticipate that I will be back to blogging later in the week, refreshed, revitalized, tanned, and with a few new thoughts inspired by palm trees and salt spray.

Malcolm’s sandy toes

For now, I’m enjoying that last of Maui sunsets, ocean inspired meals, walks, whale gazing, drink sipping, dips in the ocean, and whatever else is in store before we fly home. I already feel that melancholy that comes from leaving good things behind. Yet, I know without a doubt that good things are still to come no matter where we hang our hats… holiday-land or home are all territory for God stuff to happen.

With great expectations,