Step One…

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had three meetings, all with people that I needed to meet, but for very different reasons. ‘One’ was informative… mostly a meeting of the minds and a download of information. I came away almost limp from my effort to take everything in, but with some very helpful contact names and initiatives to research.

Meeting ‘two’ was needful as well, a meeting of hearts and souls and a buoying up of spirits. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose, excitement, and a very specific task to do. My friend and writing mentor wisely suggested that I needed to take the first step.” So what is step one”, she asked, after we had determined that what I want to do is exciting, makes me happy, is what I’m good at, and will bring delight to others.

In other words, enough talk and enough think and time for some action! So today I am taking Step One with fear and trepidation, yet a burgeoning courage.

Step One is to call the manager of a care facility and request a meeting to discuss my program idea. I’m already familiar with this individual through my son, who does the “Pets and People Program” with our dog at her facility.

Then, last night proved to be the predestined crowning glory of my day. I sat at meeting ‘Three’… a dinner with my husband and a group of his business associates. I was in a supportive role this time, along with two other wives present. So you can imagine that I almost fell over when one lovely woman shared her career path with me, and I learned that she is manager of a large care facility in Kelowna. And over the course of the evening I shared my new program ideas and she gave me a warm invitation to call her to pursue this new venture together.

I came away from that meeting with my heart on fire for the God who puts all these plans into action and just waits (perhaps with a giddy, butterflies type excitement?) for us to discover things!

So, as I review the concept of ‘step one’, I’m overwhelmed with what can happen when you (just) step out. As my mentor said, “I believe God will then show you the next step and the next step and the next. But you have to make the first move.”

Blown away…