Poetry Friday030

Things I saw while not looking

A lone robin — Spring’s ambassador —
hopping tentatively over the tired snow.

Red-wing blackbirds calling in raucous warbles
from hidden perches in the frozen marsh.

Three tundra swans banking wide white circles
in the valley below us, on our way home from school.

The sun painting my kitchen a watery yellow
through fingerprinted winter windows.

Lesley-Anne Evans

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Evans

Mid-week Random Ramble012

1. This AMAZING photo was taken by my brother Joel Clements. Super talented and highly acclaimed Graphic Designer by day, Joel still finds time to experiment with his camera along the way, inspiring my son Malcolm with his new camera too! His photos are available on istockphoto and privately. BTW, if you have any need for his professional services, or inquiries about his photography, contact him through his company Brainstorm Studio. He won’t disappoint.

2. Tuesday is Abortion Clinic day at the Kelowna General Hospital. How do I know this? Well, it’s hard to miss all the picketers that haunt the sidewalks every Tuesday, carrying signs that say things like, “Adoption, the only moral choice.”

Just so we’re clear, you should know that I fall fully on the side of Pro-Life, but I don’t believe that picketing is the best way to build relationships or effect change.

I wonder what would happen if those well intentioned pro-lifers were to come alongside the women who are facing these life-altering decisions, perhaps volunteering their time at the pregnancy care centre or offering up financial support for young mothers. Rather than parading up and down the sidewalk hurling written insults week after week after week… just saying… I get this sick feeling each Tuesday when I drive by.

My simple take is that the Tuesday behaviour is not loving, and I’m absolutely certain that Jesus wants us to be that way… loving. And yes, he wants us stand for things too, absolutely, in a loving way, somehow making our voices heard without hurting those who we are called to help.

3. Why is it that you can never find the receipts for the items you need to return? I am drowning in receipts and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe if I had an organized way of keeping them, perhaps in alphabetical order by name of store, or even sub-categorized by way of family member most directly involved, then maybe I’d have a chance of finding those receipts for the things that I thought I needed, but didn’t. Thought they’d like it, but they didn’t, thought was the right colour, but wasn’t, or bought on a whim and got buyers remorse sometime later.

4.  Decision making is never, for me anyway, done with 100% knowledge that I’ve chosen rightly. But, it is done with the willingness to bear the consequences of that decision 100%. Like writing about #2… I feel a little jittery there, but it’s how I feel and I’m willing to say it.

5.  We interrupt this ramble for a stocking footed run through the neighbourhood and orchard to find the brown bullet that exploded from our front door when it was left open just a few seconds too long!  With flashlights waving and voices quavering we call for Emmy over and over again. Slight panic in my heart as I imagine Coyote’s circling our suburb (really, they do!), when suddenly, out of the darkness, two glowing orbs coming closer and closer with a jingle jangle of dog tags and… she’s back! And she’s got something fowl in her mouth that smells like death and looks something like… a goose wing! I try not to gag and take her home, bag the bird (wing) and resolve not to share any mouth kisses with Emmy tonight!!!

6. Only 66 shopping days until Christmas. Hoping I can dig into my reserves of energy and find a balanced and healthy outlook for Christmas this year.

This year, I’m certain it will be fun, and not all about buying gifts. This year, I’m certain that it will be about spending time with those I love, making memories around activities like playing board games and romping in the snow. I’m fairly certain it’s not going to be about making a huge dinner and eating too much, or staying up really late on Christmas Eve to wrap the gifts that I didn’t get around to yet, or forgot about entirely. I’m certain nobody else cares about the silly things that seem to weigh on me, like the decor, or the dirty carpets, or the baking, or the Christmas cards ( yes, I still feel guilty about not sending those)

Ah yes, Christmas. Maybe this year I can sing in the choir, have a cookie baking party for my daughter and her friends, handcraft gift tags and… there goes the perspective and balance right out the window with the need to make a lovely wreath of fresh boughs for the front door.

7. Driving in the car several weeks ago, this piece of music took my breath away… the voice, the haunting feeling, the sadness. Altogether lovely…

Until next time, peace and love,


Midweek Random Ramble009 meets Poetry Friday025

1. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! Well, maybe not. Midweek doesn’t have to be a Wednesday, does it? I hope not because as I already said, I’m late. It’s Thursday Friday already, and it’s late. Sorry! So I guess that means no poetry today… or maybe both?

2.  Have you ever come across talent so brilliant that you can’t believe it’s not taking to the sky with wings? And, what if that talent comes in a humble human package, a creatively understated package that doesn’t scream, yet produces such beauty that this particular individual could be jumping up and down and saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at what I can do!!!” The result is something quite powerful.

Local Kelowna artist Jody Bruce is a woman with a gift. Her work is full of life and colour and vibrant vision. Check out her website to see for yourself. Jody works in both small and large format, but her large canvases are extraordinary in their ability to immerse the viewer in a complete visual and emotional experience. Bold, unique, fresh, Jody’s work demands a response.

A contemporary painter in acrylic medium, Jody has been getting a lot of attention lately. People recognize her name and her work. She recently participated in Art Walk in Lake Country. In October, Jody is heading to Toronto Art Expo 2011 where her work will be one of 200 juried entries in the highly acclaimed annual event. Today I had the pleasure of seeing two of Jody’s paintings hung locally at ‘One Cup at a Time’, where the atmosphere of promise just got ramped up a notch.

Jody Bruce is definitely going to fly!

3. Speaking of ‘One Cup at a Time’, I’ve been spending some time down at 1440 St. Paul Street in Kelowna this week, inspired by the creative vision of a friend of mine who has recently joined forces with the John Howard Society to take their funky coffee shop concept over the finish line. Today an Open House will be held from 2-6 PM, and it is expected that local dignitaries and others who have played a key role in seeing this project take shape will attend. The Grand Opening will be later this month. Coffee by Cherry Hill, sweets and sandwiches by Bliss Bakery, soup by my friend Traci Cooke… YUM!!!

4. Training a dog is very much like training a child. Patience and persistence, repetition and reward. 4 months after our dog adoption and subsequent integration into our family, I’m excited to say that Emmy shows some improvement! She comes when called, for the most part. She knows sit and down and watch and slow and stay… sort of. She no longer paces around our dining room table or the swimming pool like a caged beast. But, her new M.O. is to hesitate on the back porch when let out, and then take off like a bullet to rush the back fence and jump up just noisily enough to scare the geese from their apple gleaning in the orchard behind us. Every time she does this. EVERY TIME!!! She’s a creature of habit, as they say.

I wonder how much my life as a follower of Jesus is like training my dog, or my child. God must smile at me as I try to listen, try to learn, repeat the same mistakes, make some progress, anticipate the reward, and he is patient… oh so patient with me. Maybe some day I’ll get it? But unlike the dog and child training God love is completely unaffected when I don’t get it… even if I never do. He still smiles. He still loves 100% unconditionally.

Like Emmy my dog, I’m also a creature of habit, but I want to see some habits broken and new and better ones learned in the process. With myself I’m even more impatient than I am with the dog or my kids. Maybe I should just enjoy the journey rather than get sidetracked by looking for some measurable change? Today I’m just keeping my eyes forward… staying on the path!

5. “Bacon-flavoured pudding, that would surprise me!” Walter Bishop, ‘Fringe’. What would surprise you?

6. A poem, a poem, my kingdom for a poem… hmmm, let’s see what I can offer you……

Claire at play

Tousled waves halo your sun blessed face.
Sweetly rumpled, fresh from dreams,
other awakenings yet to come, and

your hands are busy, intently moving cards
this way and that, humming, happy,
oblivious to my thirsty eyes,

so I sit, coffee in hand, good book in lap
torn between morning devotions
and the vision of glory at my feet

while this small solitude is injected with life.

Lesley-Anne Evans

Midweek random ramble008

Bowl of Mott's Cinnamon Flavored Apple Sauce

Image via Wikipedia

1. Reflecting on a simulcast conference I attended yesterday. Are you like me… find yourself all fired up when you listen to inspiring ones who hold out a better way, and you find yourself longing for it? Well, yesterday was just like that for me. Beth Moore is an amazing speaker and teacher. She’s funny, open and honest, and smart. She knows her Bible, and has a way of explaining it that leaves me wanting more and more of what she is offering up of God.

I spent a couple of hours today reading over my ‘Living Proof Live conference notes, looking up references in my Bible, chatting to God, and thinking about the potential for change in me….

Beth taught on verse 26 from Proverbs chapter 31… which is;

She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.

I want to be that woman. I want my words to be full of wise counsel and loving kindness and life to those I speak to.

So, I’m inviting God to help me to do that. Be that. Specifically. Daily. Moment by moment.

2. Just picked some Mac apples from the orchard behind us. There’s something about apples… simple and wholesome. Fruit of the earth. Going to make some apple sauce. Going to enjoy the aromas that will soon permeate our home. Going to sink in and cocoon on this rainy Sunday afternoon at home. It’s lovely to just have a home day in the midst of what will be two very busy weeks. Hmmm… Sabbath rest… I can feel that today.

3.  Our life really is going to the birds! This morning we had Rock Doves, Chickadees, White Crowned Sparrows, Quail, and regular garden variety Sparrows outside our dining room window, dining at the various feeders that were just filled up by my son Graeme last week. What a delight to sit on the floor with the dog beside me and look out the dog smeared window at all the bird activity. Do you like birds? I remember my Grandfather was mesmerized by them. Just like he was mesmerized by flowers and plants and all living things. He would say, “Would you look at that!” incredulous, voice filled with wonder.

4. I’m deathly afraid of the dental chair. Saturday morning I bit down on a multi-grain bagel and a very tiny seed wedged it’s way into one of my molars and as I bit down a lurch my stomach type pain jammed it’s way down into my jaw. Ever since I’ve been worried about what that means. Because my dentist said we’d leave well enough alone with this tooth. It has a history and a hairline crack that we’ve been watching. Considering the need for a crown. My first crown. And thanks to that bagel my dental nightmare seems to be coming true.

Last time I was tipped back in the dental chair I became overwhelmed by anxiety, shallow breathing and tears. Over getting one of my wisdom teeth extracted. I may be a bit of a pansy because in all of my years I’ve only had one filling. Lack of experience results in my freaking out when I can’t close my mouth or swallow my saliva or sit up straight or be in control of my own head. Did I mention the fear?

So, after a tearful conversation with my husband regarding the pending crown vs. extracting said tooth (He thought pulling the tooth sounded a bit barbaric, while I thought grinding down for a crown sounded worse) I realized that my fear is just that… fear. And, without getting into the details of some other situations that I have trusted God with, let’s just say that God was with me in the sea and in a cave and he’ll be with me in the dental chair.

Just made an appointment!

5. Reinstating ‘Date Night’ with my husband. We want to do it, talk about it, plan to do it, forget to do it. So, we’re adding it to some things that are ingrained in our weekly calendar which will mean we will no longer forget. Looking forward to some face time with my main man!!!

6. Enjoyed a rousing rendition of ‘Jupiter’, and then ‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’ thanks to Malcolm the DJ this morning. Bizarre mixing on my iMac… perhaps some tweaking of the playlists might help :)

Here’s ‘The Planets Op. 32 Jupiter’, by Gustav Holst, for your listening enjoyment.

Sol Deo Gloria,


Mid-week random ramble 005

Airtanker III - Martin Mars Waterbomber C-FLYL

Image by b1ubb via Flickr

1.  It’s smokey again… yesterday afternoon the sun took on an orange haze and the light levels dropped drastically… there’s this eery quiet that comes with that. Reminds me of 2003 Firestorm… remember those days… sounds of water bombers directly overhead our house, swooping low for another load of lake water. Sirens, always sirens. And then the night the knock came on the door and we had to leave. We returned to our home 5 days later, others were not so fortunate.

2. Sleeping in is becoming over-rated. I’m looking forward to the early mornings and scheduled days again. While summer is fun and laid back, it can also become aimless. That’s when I know I need to take on a task or think outside of my own needs and desires. Have someone over to the house, do a deed of service, plan something bigger.

3. When people go to the beach they bring towels. When people come to swim at our pool, more times than not, they forget their towels. I keep a lovely basket on our porch filled with towels most of the time. And they are available for everyone to use. So I’m not begrudging the use of the towels… just noticing an interesting phenomenon. I’m also noticing that I have a couple of towels that didn’t originate with our family. A poolside perk for us!

4. Emmy (our GSP puppy) chewed on played with my little 4 year old friend… just a little bit… and she cried, and then I felt terrible. The little girl’s mother, a dear friend, didn’t freak out… and there being no physical evidence of the encounter playdate, we dried her daughters little tears, got her a drink of juice and carried on. That’s true friendship… grace under fire!

5. Going through some bins in the basement I came across my high school report cards. Embarrassed to admit that my marks are slightly less than I remember them being. Malcolm suggested we post them on the fridge to establish a baseline for their report cards. Funny guy!!!

6. Enjoyed a lovely Tuesday evening (Aug. 17) at the Caravan Farm Theatre with Claire. We arrived early… she was the very first one at the box office when it opened. We spread out a blanket on the ground (carefully staying clear of evidence of large horses in close proximity) and enjoyed some sushi while we waited. We played a board game, ate some chocolate, laughed until we peed our pants cried, chatted to the other theatre goers that had also arrived early, and that was the first two hours. What followed was another two hours of magic! If you live in the Interior of B.C. and have never taken in one of the Caravan Farm Theatre productions near Armstrong, you really should. Their summer production, ‘EVERYBODY’ is a modern morality play in 7 acts… each one written by a different theatrical company from the Lower Mainland. The audience sits in a rustic wooden amphitheatre, and each one of the acts incorporates horse (large work horses!!!) drawn wagons of actors and stage sets which come and go in front of the audience. Dusk falls, temperatures become more moderate, lights and music and audience participation ensues… and it’s just magic.

Our only disappointment was the lack of conclusion after the miriad of virtuous and vice-like decisions were presented… but that’s postmodernism at it’s very best. Nothing definite, nothing tied up in a neat little bow… draw your own conclusions… don’t want to have any moral absolutes, do we? But, we Evan’s girls had a great time anyway… a teaching moment on how one can enjoy without having to agree on everything!

Keep your eyes open for their Christmas production… in which the audience is borne on horse drawn sleighs (complete with jingle bells, hot cocoa, and cold noses) through the night-time countryside to each of several stage sets. It might become a tradition if you try it.

As Porky Pig so eloquently says… “That’s all folks!!!”


Mid-week random ramble 004

1.  A full moon out tonight, we picked up ice cream and headed to the beach for a sit. Came upon a wonderful sight… 15 swimmers, dressed in wetsuits, strung around with glow stick necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and in some cases, earrings, heading into the lake for an evening swim. It seems they were celebrating a birthday as they indulged in a little cake just before taking to the water. A magical happening for us to watch from the shore.

2. God is all around us, putting on magnificent shows every sunset, serenading us with bird songs in the garden and froggie quartet’s at dusk, swirling the cumulus clouds just so, filling our hearts until they ache with a desire that only God can fill. If we could only see, hear, feel him. He is an infinite mystery and yet he is relational. He is more than our human minds can comprehend, and yet he is near, with us. He speaks to each of us in uniquely personal ways. Do you hear him?

3. Planning a Christmas holiday with the extended family is quite complicated but there must be a way to make it work…………

4. Made two runs to the dump today, and one delivery to our community ‘SHARE’. What a wonderful feeling to come home to a clear driveway and a less cluttered mind.

5. Summer isn’t over yet!!! Tomorrow we are expecting a high of 31 C. Sounds like a good day to head to the beach!!!

6. “The Time Traveller’s Wife” was an OK movie… 6/10 on my scale. We watched it tonight. Not as bad as I expected, but not as good as it could have been. Cinematography redeemed it somewhat. Didn’t read the book. Don’t think I will.

7. Speaking of reading books, for some reason I haven’t been able to read a novel all summer. A friend lent me “Little Bee,” by Chris Cleave. Can’t seem to open the cover. I have, however, read a couple of  non-fiction books and some poetry. And I’ve purchased several books of poetry, including “Belonging,” by Sandy Shreve, and “Blue hour of the day,” by B.C. poet Lorna Crozier. When we were in Tofino, staying in the winter home of local activist and long time resident Maureen Fraser, I dined daily on her prolific collection of poetry… and somewhere I have a list of poetry books that I would like to add to my own collection. I have to say that part of the attraction of Tofino for me, are the late nights spent up alone reading from Maureen’s collection of poetry chapbooks. Pure magic!

8. Selected a colour for the walls in Malcolm’s bedroom. A warm grey called ‘Seattle’ by General Paint. Hummm, I can feel the moodiness settling in already. Now a little bit of spackle and the transformation begins!

9. My parents arrive next Tuesday! We are beginning to make some plans, including compiling a list of possible eating establishments, entertainment venues, and a general buzz of preparation is growing. Jam making is part of this, as it gives me great joy to serve my Dad homemade jam. I’ve made both Raspberry and Blackberry Freezer Jam. They’ve both set well and have been test tasted with positive results. Maybe I’ll even manage to can some peaches too. Those little canning jars all filled and sitting in a row appeal to the ordered part of my personality. Does that make me anal?

10. Another poem is brewing… and because the time to write is at a premium right now, that little poem seed might have to stay in my journal for a few more days. Hint… (it’s about a tow truck and a fire truck…)

11. Things are very quiet around here with 2 out of 3 kids away at camp. The solitary child seems happy enough, but I’m going to be very glad to see the other two on Saturday morning!

12. Still no word the Mink 2 Go (M2G) experiment Claire and I initiated in Tofino. Sadly, perhaps she’s lost at sea, or swamped and sunk? Maybe another launch is in the future… here in a Lake in another bottle… with a lid that’s been waxed shut? I had hoped for some contact, but alas, nothing. Goodbye M2G.

UPDATE!!!!! Just in from our M2G facebook group, M2G is now in San Francisco, CA. She will be launched in the Bay tomorrow! Very cool… yes, indeed!

13. Bedtime

Peace, out!


Photograph of surfside M2G, taken by Malcolm Evans

Photograph of night swimmer borrowed from here.

Mid-week random ramble 003

1. Most days I listen to CBC Radio 2 as I drive. My son Malcolm calls it ‘Smart Radio’… in a slightly derogatory tone. I like the commercial free sounds of a wide variety of music. As I was listening to J.S. Bach’s Oboe Concerto in D minor, I was moved to tears. Why does music have the ability to wrench us, bring us to our knees? Have a listen yourself…

2. Backyard movies on a hot summer night with friends, popcorn, chocolate covered almonds and cozy blankets are fun, even if the movie choices are less than what you thought you had chosen. Has anyone noticed how hard it is to find a creatively well done family friendly movie? Sexual innuendo does not go over the heads of teenagers…

3. Writing is a mysterious thing. Poetry can be elusive… especially when it comes to working with it to make it better. I couldn’t walk this road of developing as a poet without others reaching out their hands to me. I am thankful to many, including my neighbour and poet who has had me in to read to one another a couple of times. I could sit at her feet and listen to her read for hours. Wonderful words read with a soothing voice.

4. The dog hears my every move in the house, no matter how early I wake up or how quietly I sneak around, Emmy sniffs at the bottom of Malcolm’s door, crying to be released. This morning I ignored her… craving some alone time… without the dog… even for a few minutes.

5. Spent some time at a book signing. My friends Donna Lowe and Kimberley Parker have been PUBLISHED! Every writer’s dream… well, mine anyway. Their vision, hard work, determination and huge faith has resulted in their beautiful book being picked up by a publisher! Wow! You go girls! I purchased two copies and had them signed. Proof that I knew them ‘when’… You can check out their book Radical Love on their website, and order your copy online at Revival Nation, Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.

6. Malcolm let me use his camera last evening when we spent a couple of hours on the lake for a sunset cruise. He recently bought a digital SLR. A Nikon. Saved up for it. The sound of the shutter is a beautiful thing. The pictures Malcolm takes with the camera are really good, and I’ve posted some here today. I’m excited that he is discovering and exercising his creativity.

7. Did you know that Tim Hortons is now doing ice cream? Went last night and indulged in the Cold Stone Dairy ‘love it’ size selection of chocolate and key-lime with coconut… yummy. I found my treat to be a perfect blend of chewiness and melt on your tongue consistency. Good flavour, generous portions, and the price, well, not much different than a medium DQ Blizzard, and there’s no comparison to either taste or quality. And according to the Wall Street Journal, Timmy’s addition of ice cream may also be good for business.

8. A fun game of ‘Apples to Apples’ with our good friends tonight. A little wine for the stomach’s sake, and cheese because cheese is yummy. Couldn’t tell you who won, but we were all laughing as we slapped at the mosquitoes in the dusk of the warm summer evening. What, mosquitoes in Kelowna… yeppers… this year there are!!!

9. This week I’m going to the Caravan Theatre with Claire… her birthday treat to me! Can’t wait. Have never been in the summer, but their winter productions are awesome.

10. On Sunday afternoon I began to read my newest book purchase, ‘The Practice of the Presence of God”… it’s been on my reading list for a very long time, and now I have it! I’m excited to know how a 17th Century Carmelite called Brother Lawrence grew to know God in an earthy, humble, every detail of his life kind of way… stay tuned.

11. I’m eyelash challenged, while Bob, Graeme, Malcolm and Claire are blessed with long, dark, curly wonders on their eyes. Drew Barrymore recently promised me “the biggest, boldest lashes of my life”. So, I bought her promise and bought some ‘Covergirl Lashblast’… I don’t see any difference, do you see any difference. Hey, are those lashes real?… really???

It’s 9:36 am and Bob and Emmy just came downstairs. Malcolm soon followed. Claire is stirring upstairs. Quiet time’s done for now and with it the random ramble.

Gonna go drink some hot sweet java. Talk soon,


Mid-Week random ramble 002

1. Upon feeding some fish-food pellets to carp at a local attraction, Claire announced that her hands smelled like fish. I had an uneasy feeling that feeding fish to fish was somehow wrong. Until an old fishing buddy reminded me that in nature big fish eat smaller fish and so on and so on.

2. Why is it that as soon as we begin to understand relationships in our own middle aged lives, we are confronted by the relationships between our children and their friends as something foreign and confusing and misunderstood? Do we ever truly learn?

3. Sitting on the beach watching the lake and other families around me makes me smile and wonder about happiness. As a bystander to other people’s lives, I often see fullness and fun and good, and I find myself envying what others appear to have. Does my own life look that way to others? Is my life enviable?

4. Mosquito bites, once scratched and bothered with, can take a very long time to heal.

5. Dogs would much rather sleep with the pack than in their own little beds. It’s harder to sleep with a dog than you might think. Dog hairs wash out simply enough in the washing machine. Dog love is harder to remove.

6. Summer camp is a place of miracles. I gave my life to God at Mount Forest Camp in Ontario. I was 7. I didn’t really know what that meant until I was almost 40. I used to place God in a box. I now find God in words, music, art, creation, relationships. I first met God there, but I didn’t recognize him.

7. A sleepy dog at my feet is one of my happy places. A sleepy dog at my feet while I am writing is another.

8. My entire family loves to take photos… all of our kids have prioritized saving and spending their money on cameras. I am the only one in the family without my own camera, and that’s OK. I get to borrow all of their wonderful photos whenever I want to, and I sometimes even get to use their cameras. When I see the results of an eye for beauty… it takes my breath away. Thank you God for the beauty of this world and the eyes to see it.

9. Attending Saturday night church brings new meaning to “A day of rest”… being the Sunday following. Today I have stayed late in bed stroking the dog and looking out my window at the beauty of this place, taken the dog for a nice long bike ride (dog running beside, not on, the bike) drank coffee on the porch while Bob read the paper, enjoyed looking at photos from Bob and Malcolm’s early morning water ski, supervised Claire and her friends play time and chatter in our pool, wrote a poem, thought long on, ‘Be Still and Know that I am God’, and worked ahead on my blogging. I feel at peace. I feel at rest.

10. I have discovered a new past-time for Claire and I… called Artist’s Trading Cards… apparently it’s a movement… not that we are looking for one, but the little cards are so cute and relatively simple to be creative with. I’m going to use them as combination poem and art cards… Claire is going to make some custom cards for her Grandma… and we can do it together. Will have to investigate the larger context and potential of ATC’s, but for now it’s just about sitting at the kitchen counter with paints out having some fun.

Peace, out!


A passing quote…

Every time I sit down to write, I think, “Well, it’s over. Clearly, some astral confluence of outside forces made it possible, until yesterday, for it to appear that I could write, but things have changed now. From now on, instead of someone who lives like a pig because I’m writing, I’ll just be someone who lives like a pig.”

Simcha Fisher

Midweek random ramble 001

1. Today I went to a ‘Opa’… a Greek fast food restaurant, and was served by an entirely Asian staff. I found that ironic somehow.

2. A $2 bag of colourful balloons and some permanent markers can keep two girls happy for hours.

3. I still feel guilty leaving my kids for some me/adult time… even though they are 12, 14, and 17 years old!

4. According to the Kelowna RCMP, 10 year old children may go door to door (unsupervised) selling chocolate covered almonds, as employees of a so-called legitimate business. What happened to ‘labour laws’ and child exploitation concerns? Where are their parents? Just wondering…

5. It’s still possible in Kelowna to have a waterside table with a view of the marina, mountains, and passersby, all served up with a tasty breakfast for 2, for under $20.

6. It’s really hot out there! Especially on the pavement adjacent to large box retail establishments. It’s possible to get really excited about a glass of ice water! It’s also possible to get excited about making a beverage with key limes, lime cordial and tonic on ice and serving it to your husband when he gets home from his hot hot day!

7. Getting a bargain is still a great way to feel good about spending your hard earned cash!

8. Everybody has stuff they struggle with. Real friends don’t pretend they don’t have stuff.

9. Saying a kind word to someone is usually unexpected and most often appreciated.

10. It’s possible to do without without feeling hard done by.

11. The sound of a chickadee calling from the feeder is better than some music.

12. Boys like to play x-box. That is OK.

13. The best holiday memories can happen on your own street… or down the end of your street at the beach.

14. Life chapters that feel they will last forever are fleeting. Carpe diem… take photos… lots of photos!!!

15. Friends that remember your birthday are good friends.Friends that don’t remember your birthday can be forgiven.

16. Family that forgets your birthday… well… they can be forgiven too.

17. Reading poetry out loud to people is even more fun that reading it out loud to yourself. It is also more fun that not reading it aloud. Being invited to read your poetry out loud makes you giddy!!!

18. In order to eat a tasty dinner, one has to plan it, buy food, and then prepare the food. I must prepare said food now.

Thanks for reading this random blather…