midweek random ramble 022

It’s been a long time since I’ve rambled here… ranted, yes, but not rambled. So here goes, with seasonal thoughts of Christmas and snow and cold and inside warmth and preparing and stressing and singing and holiness and awe and wonder and sweet and varied moments with family and friends, all on my mind:

Frosty Footpath - winter snow

Frosty Footpath – winter snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

1. overheard in the front hallway, “Well mom, are you trying to be in style, or to have your own individual style? hmmm… was there a commentary in there somewhere?

2. overheard in the car, “That’s just my old man strength.”

3. overheard on the airwaves through out the house, 24/7 Christmas tunes coming at us on the net… have you ever checked out the abundant free music available online?

4. so the local soccer supply store burned down the other night. We have had such great service from the manager there who always finds us the right fit and a good deal. I sure hope they find a way to open up again before too long. We’re so sorry Soccer X-Press!

5. sent out my first Christmas package by mail to family back east… but I still feel slightly disorganized and lacking in ideas… perhaps a little pinterest coupled with a good google search might inspire and help me with some new and creative gift ideas? After all, no stress, it’s still November right?

6. trying to increase the amount of veggies and fruits and reduce the amount of meat and carbs isn’t easy in a family where teens are hungry every 2 hours… just what do I feed them to fill them up?

7. loving the way Okanagan College offers personal attention to it’s students.

8. mandarin oranges, japanese varieties, miniature varieties, chinese varieties… many varieties are in stores now. Yummm!!!

9. Advent, meaning “arrival’ is something we have adopted into our family tradition. Four Sundays leading up to Christmas are rich with potential for celebrating the Advent… the pending arrival of baby Jesus, the promise of the returning Christ, and the incarnation (the God with us) in our lives. Did you know that Advent historically involved fasting, doing without in varying degrees leading up to the 25th, so when the big Christmas feast came at last, there was a renewed appreciation of the abundant favour and blessing of God.  I like that. The tasting and seeing that God is good.

10. seeking ways to inject my life/our lives with meaning is something I am always on the lookout for… so do you have any ideas for meaning-filled Christmas activities, any stories to share?

Christmas Season 1941 in Worthington, Ohio

Christmas Season 1941 in Worthington, Ohio (Photo credit: dok1)

11. planning and anticipating carolling with family and friends… and the faint possibility that it just might snow while we are walking around the neighbourhood from door to door. Yep, I’m sentimental.

Peace, abundant peace,

Lesley-Anne SDG

Looking for a common thread and finding random rambles…

It’s been a while since I’ve written… don’t know why, just haven’t felt much like it. Nor have I felt like writing poems. Enough said because the new me (since two nights ago when I re-established my trajectory with the gracious help of my dear husband Bob) is focused on finding a balance between over-sharing being honest, and living on the surface of life superficiality. And that, my friend, isn’t very easy for moi.

I recall a while back I used to publish mid-week random rambles, and I guess that’s where I’ll start. Easier than an essay or a soul searching journey that results in something vaguely poetic. Probably easier on both of us? Or, perhaps you can relate to #6 below… which takes me back to the difficulty in finding a balance. But, I digress.

Anyway, here’s my ramble for ya;

1. Found a new sweet spot… having artists/musicians billet with our family, share our stuff, food, ideas… the spine tingle of having them play our piano and sing in our rooms. I felt alive when they were here. Understood. Understood them to some degree, even though they were so much younger. Here’s Zerbin “New Earth”… have a watch and a listen. So talented…

2. When said band members were staying with us, they were in the kitchen devouring enjoying a dozen muffins when Derek started to laugh (I think it was Derek, maybe it was Jason or was it Nick?) Check out the view of our art gallery style fridge front in the slide show below with the cows (somewhat same theme of poo…). Yep, right under the bible verse you’ll see it!!! Nice to know there’s always something yummy to eat in our fridge!

3. Somewhat surprised that the photo of our dog Emmy and her amazing encounter with a deer posted in the Toronto Star and Kelowna Capital News… would end up with over 4229 likes and 1917 shares at Dogwork.com, on Facebook at D-Fa Dogs, on Tumblr and half way around the world on a hungarian website that I can’t find at the moment.

4. Seen along the way, a field of cows and calves, resulting in a return trip and walk into the ditch to photograph said creatures resulting in these photos… and then, the very next day after the photo shoot… they were gone! Relocated to greener pastures perhaps?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. Considered in passing, a sign that said “Ignore inconvenient twists and turns” and immediately I could think of all sorts of life applications for that one! Especially having just experienced a rather nasty twist when an elderly lady gave me a tongue lashing for pulling just a leetle too far into the walking lane at the intersection.

6. Discovered on the book shelf in Chapters… “Quiet”, a book by Susan Cane whom I just recently watched present a Ted Talk on the same subject of the power and joy of being an introvert. I’m waiting for the soft cover version, or the library copy… but I know there will be gems of affirmation in those pages. Here’s the talk…

Mid-Week random ramble 002

1. Upon feeding some fish-food pellets to carp at a local attraction, Claire announced that her hands smelled like fish. I had an uneasy feeling that feeding fish to fish was somehow wrong. Until an old fishing buddy reminded me that in nature big fish eat smaller fish and so on and so on.

2. Why is it that as soon as we begin to understand relationships in our own middle aged lives, we are confronted by the relationships between our children and their friends as something foreign and confusing and misunderstood? Do we ever truly learn?

3. Sitting on the beach watching the lake and other families around me makes me smile and wonder about happiness. As a bystander to other people’s lives, I often see fullness and fun and good, and I find myself envying what others appear to have. Does my own life look that way to others? Is my life enviable?

4. Mosquito bites, once scratched and bothered with, can take a very long time to heal.

5. Dogs would much rather sleep with the pack than in their own little beds. It’s harder to sleep with a dog than you might think. Dog hairs wash out simply enough in the washing machine. Dog love is harder to remove.

6. Summer camp is a place of miracles. I gave my life to God at Mount Forest Camp in Ontario. I was 7. I didn’t really know what that meant until I was almost 40. I used to place God in a box. I now find God in words, music, art, creation, relationships. I first met God there, but I didn’t recognize him.

7. A sleepy dog at my feet is one of my happy places. A sleepy dog at my feet while I am writing is another.

8. My entire family loves to take photos… all of our kids have prioritized saving and spending their money on cameras. I am the only one in the family without my own camera, and that’s OK. I get to borrow all of their wonderful photos whenever I want to, and I sometimes even get to use their cameras. When I see the results of an eye for beauty… it takes my breath away. Thank you God for the beauty of this world and the eyes to see it.

9. Attending Saturday night church brings new meaning to “A day of rest”… being the Sunday following. Today I have stayed late in bed stroking the dog and looking out my window at the beauty of this place, taken the dog for a nice long bike ride (dog running beside, not on, the bike) drank coffee on the porch while Bob read the paper, enjoyed looking at photos from Bob and Malcolm’s early morning water ski, supervised Claire and her friends play time and chatter in our pool, wrote a poem, thought long on, ‘Be Still and Know that I am God’, and worked ahead on my blogging. I feel at peace. I feel at rest.

10. I have discovered a new past-time for Claire and I… called Artist’s Trading Cards… apparently it’s a movement… not that we are looking for one, but the little cards are so cute and relatively simple to be creative with. I’m going to use them as combination poem and art cards… Claire is going to make some custom cards for her Grandma… and we can do it together. Will have to investigate the larger context and potential of ATC’s, but for now it’s just about sitting at the kitchen counter with paints out having some fun.

Peace, out!