Tell me about hope

So I’m wondering what does hope means to you? Is it something you need, do you seek after it, how does it come to you? Are you high or low on hope right now?

Hope, to me, is closely associated with vision or perspective… like how I tend to see things. So, if I’m seeing things in a slightly distorted, pessimistic kind of way, then my hope quotient is pretty low. The reverse is also true.

I find that certain people bring me hope, or take it from me, depending on who they are and how they approach life. Again, the attitude and the application of that particular attitude to doing life either increases or decreases hope inside me. And sometimes it’s a personality bent that creates a more or less hopeful person.

Hope is also about faith. Because the things I hope for are always based upon what will be rather than what is. Even if it’s what I project further into my day… hoping for the way it might turn out. Or, it might be hope for something long term, even eternal hope. That’s the faith part.

So, at this time in my life I’m on a bit of a hope roller coaster, and I’m trying to figure out how to maintain a bit more equilibrium. To be able to approach life with enough hope to hang onto, on those days that are bleak or challenging.

Tell me your thoughts on the subject. I’m listening.