Midweek random ramble021

1. Overheard at the Easter dinner table…

  • “I heard these stats quoted that the functional illiteracy rate in Canada is over 40%! How can that be true?” (Check it out here)
  • “It was that time of day where the land is still dark, but the sky is light with dawn… and there they were… three heads poking out of the nest, facing the rising sun… it was SOOOOO cute!”
  • “Choir was exhausting… practises, services, emotions… but we were singing this one song and all of us were swaying to the music and I thought… wow, this is what it’s all about!”
  • “What is Twitter for anyway? I mean really… what’s the purpose of it?”
  • “So, we squirted the fake poop on their pillows, then sprayed it liberally with fart spray!”
  • “Are you wearing a suit or a tux for Grad? So, do you get your date flowers, or what?”
  • “She was down on the ground crying, and the ref didn’t even blow the whistle… he said “play on!!!”
  • “Thank you Lord, for this time together as families, even though we don’t spend nearly enough time together… thank you that we have so much to celebrate together today!”
  • “You can prank our family anytime!”

2.  So I planted some iris in the garden… striped iris!  My hubby’s in disbelief because it’s just not like me to plan something so gaudy! Maybe it’s time to branch out a little more in my planting schemes?

3.  Emmy broke her toe at the dog park a couple of weeks ago. She was running… fast… and somehow got it caught on something. Anyway, her purple cast (colour coordinated with her purple collar) is doing the trick so far, but she keeps chewing on it, licking her leg above it. I can’t imagine how itchy it must be for her, and pretty hard to explain to a dog! She’s not supposed to run on her leg, even though she wants to. She can, however, leap up the stairs on 3 legs, adapting to the ‘loss’ of her limb within 2 days of getting the cast on. Wow! Reminds me of the dog we met in Cancun who was being fitted for a wheeled cart to replace her hind legs that had been paralyzed in a hit and run. That particular dog is now living a new life in Calgary!

4.  So much laundry, so little time. One load at a time, LA, one load at a time!

5.  Trying to recapture fun and humour again… and with it some joy. Life has a way of sucking the joy out of you… if you let it! You know what I mean…

Here are some photos that reminded me of goofy, fun, happy times! Time to check out your own photos… if you need reminding!

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LOL… really!

Cupid's foot, as used by Monty Python's Flying...

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A friend of mine, recently posted a FB question about laughing. So, I thought about how often I laugh, what I laugh at, and asked the same of my FB friends. I got these answers;

Judith said, “English TV comedy; my cat Thomas in what he doesn’t say … and Kate, my housemate, who has the funniest dry one-liners in the whole world… always said at the most serious and trying of times. Really breaks me up.”

Suzan said, “Laughed at something my husband said. My kids and my husband are guaranteed to crack me up, they are the most clever, funny people I know.”

Anne said, “Working with adults with Learning Difficulties never fails to make me laugh.”

Norm said, “Books by Bill Bryson make me actually laugh out loud as I read.”

Pam said, “At supper tonight…my girls are guaranteed to make me laugh…and pull out my hair sometimes but that is a different story :)”

As for me, I always laugh at Monty Python, most British Comedy, ‘Airplane’ movies, and AFV – America’s Funniest Video’s. My Optometrist plays AFV in his office waiting room with no sound, and believe it or not, they are even funnier that way. And, like my friend Jeanette, I laugh when I read greeting cards in stores (and I cry too, sometimes) I laugh at my kids, I laugh at my dog, and even with all that I wish I laughed more often. What about you?

Here’s Monty Python’s skit, “The funniest joke in the world.” Be careful… don’t die laughing!

Remember Reader’s Digest, “Laughter is the best medicine”… well, do you think it is? Why do we sometimes not ‘feel’ like laughing? Why are certain types of humour more effective for some people than for others… like slapstick, or dry humour like my English Grandfather’s type of joking around? Why do we laugh at potty/bathroom humour sometimes, even though we know we shouldn’t. Why is it funny when other people hurt themselves… on AFV and (even worse), on movies like ‘Jackass’? And why do we laugh when our kids do or say things that are ‘naughty’…  is it a defense mechanism? So many questions around laughter. Oh, maybe I just need to lighten up, stop taking myself and others so seriously, and laugh out loud more often.  Maybe I’m just out of practise!

Here’s some funny stuff my kids are busting a gut watching on Youtube lately… and if you don’t find this funny, I hope you laugh out loud at something today!