Dirt Farmer

Dirt Farmer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To break her crust with bare fingers

the warming earth

this loaf of bread

one must tear through, thumbs pressed in

encounter root, rock, worm

the soft centre of things

one dark, one light

hidden then exposed by the work of hands.

One must prepare

for dark circles under nails

the definition of finger creases

a crumb confetti on the lap,

and with hands raised to open face

the smell of history; this land

broken for you ~

daily bread.


Naming one thousand gifts… day 2

9. eldest son leaving to work on the farmer’s market.

10. the rain bringing subdued start to a day of remembering.

11. french press coffee with milk and sugar.

12. that we can celebrate a life, remember love.

13. linen tablecloths set out.

14. how each morning brings mercy, renewed focus.

15. God leads and draws and understands.

English: Sign at the Sonoma Farmer's Market, S...

English: Sign at the Sonoma Farmer’s Market, Sonoma, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)