Good things

Remember Martha Stewart and her magazine, Martha Stewart Living? Before the turmoil in her life, the prison days, the fall from grace? Well, I had a subscription to the magazine for a year once, and I loved it, its graphic design, and the contents of beautiful ideas to make my life a more manageable and attractive thing, really clicked with me.

One feature was called ‘Good Things’, highlighting a series of items that had the potential to make life ‘good’. Helpful cleaning items, organizational gadgets, pretty things, unique inventions for the happy homemaker in all of us. I enjoyed that feature, encouraged by all the good things I could do to make my life better, all the good things I could buy to organize my life, all the good ways to further control it.

Well this past week has been full of many things, not many good, and most completely outside my control. Funny how things can pile up like situational clutter. As I mentioned in ‘comments’ on my last blog posting here, I was unable to access this blog or any of my writing for a few days because the hard drive on my desktop computer is ‘failing’. YIKES… not so good when you haven’t been a faithful backer-upper of your work. A new computer is on the horizon, and I’m praying that all the data on my old one is retrievable. And you already know about the dog being sick, and perhaps even about the struggles of my current stage of life if you’ve followed me here from Sometimes Suicidal Mama.

In any event, this past few days has been a struggle. And, when I followed the dog outside for the hundredth time to assess his bowel movements, I was not hopeful. As a matter of fact it seems that my mood has been directly connected to the dogs’ bowels. That sounds pretty pathetic when I read it back to myself, but it’s the truth. So, I followed Buddy outside, and much to my amazement, he pooped! Not a fire-hose diarrhea type poop like he has had since November, but a nicely formed ‘stool’. I ran inside to tell the kids. I phoned the vet’s office to tell them. And when my husband came in the door at the end of the day, I greeted him with, “Guess what? Buddy had a good poop!”

I suddenly realized that even poop can be a ‘good thing’. Certainly not something to publish in a blog magazine, but, in this case, better than the newest organizational tool or pretty thing. This good thing pointed to Buddy’s life getting better and my life getting better, and it was completely outside of my control or my influence. Sure it was a result of the latest drugs that the vet had put Buddy on, but the effect of the drugs on his body is not within my ability to control. Which is why, in part, it is wonderful. When I control things, are they really good, or blessed, or just the natural outcome of me forcing my way? When a truly good thing comes my way, I recognize that it is a gift.

Any good things in your life lately? Did they come about because of you or in spite of you altogether?

The sun just broke through the clouds… one more ‘good thing’.


Step One…

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had three meetings, all with people that I needed to meet, but for very different reasons. ‘One’ was informative… mostly a meeting of the minds and a download of information. I came away almost limp from my effort to take everything in, but with some very helpful contact names and initiatives to research.

Meeting ‘two’ was needful as well, a meeting of hearts and souls and a buoying up of spirits. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose, excitement, and a very specific task to do. My friend and writing mentor wisely suggested that I needed to take the first step.” So what is step one”, she asked, after we had determined that what I want to do is exciting, makes me happy, is what I’m good at, and will bring delight to others.

In other words, enough talk and enough think and time for some action! So today I am taking Step One with fear and trepidation, yet a burgeoning courage.

Step One is to call the manager of a care facility and request a meeting to discuss my program idea. I’m already familiar with this individual through my son, who does the “Pets and People Program” with our dog at her facility.

Then, last night proved to be the predestined crowning glory of my day. I sat at meeting ‘Three’… a dinner with my husband and a group of his business associates. I was in a supportive role this time, along with two other wives present. So you can imagine that I almost fell over when one lovely woman shared her career path with me, and I learned that she is manager of a large care facility in Kelowna. And over the course of the evening I shared my new program ideas and she gave me a warm invitation to call her to pursue this new venture together.

I came away from that meeting with my heart on fire for the God who puts all these plans into action and just waits (perhaps with a giddy, butterflies type excitement?) for us to discover things!

So, as I review the concept of ‘step one’, I’m overwhelmed with what can happen when you (just) step out. As my mentor said, “I believe God will then show you the next step and the next step and the next. But you have to make the first move.”

Blown away…