DSC_0558I’ve been otherwise occupied, obvious from the date of my last post. I’m sorry. Not much in the way of blogging, or even new poetry writing. But a rich time of learning the history of epic poetic genius, and growing into new word pursuits presenting to me in my community. Awe-struck by it all.

Here are a few things I recommend to you in my latent absence, or in the intent of a poetic line/seed poem that is rooting itself in my brain, in the commendation of sparrows and lesser things;

1. John Donne ~ Holy Sonnets, specifically Death Be Not Proud.

2. Wit ~ Play by Margaret Edson, screen adaptation, starring Emma Thompson.

3. BBC Documentary on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

4. Take a course, push outside the comforting constraints of current circles, learn.

5. Self-knowledge. Dig in. Unearth. Make adjustments.

6. Forgive. Often.

7. Dive into Life. Abandon yourself. That most often requires slowing down.

That’s all my friends.

With love,


Poetry Friday014


Over and over
I drag it up and lay it down
Only to pick it up again,
And here I am, ashamed,
Hooked in,

Laying my Isaac down sounds noble,
But, with coals glowing hot
On the altar,
My greedy fingers reach
To snatch back
The sacrifice.

I convince myself of another way,
With another lamb,
‘Cause this one is virtually unblemished
Strangely precious,
Somehow larger than life.

And although I know a higher
Holier way awaits
On the other side of the flames,
I choose to trade redemption
For burnt fingers
And slightly charred

Lesley-Anne Evans

Illustration: Rembrandt – The Sacrifice of Isaac