Each story is a privilege to hear and to write down. What a sacred trust this is. “Hope is not a feeling. It’s a choice; an act of faith.” Laurence East.

Please read, and if you feel compelled to, please share.


holding out hope

Nick, almost 50

My story goes from being like everyone else to being trapped on the street and trapped in the government health care system. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I went into foster care. My childhood was marred by insanity. I beat up my teachers because they wouldn’t teach me, so I was caned daily.

They thought I was unteachable. They labeled me, then ignored me.

I knew I wanted to be something. Someone told me I needed an education, so at 14, for two years I sat in a closet in the classroom and taught myself so I could join the army and escape. I struggle with PTSD from military trauma and schizophrenia.

I came to Vancouver and met a Korean Rev. through his daughter. She took me to church and I met Jesus. At this time, I had a mental lapse and he kept me for two…

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