A brief crossing of paths…and he is gone from us.

holding out hope

He smiles a sad smile, a bit reserved, a bit wary, and I say hello. Would you like a bowl of soup. Yes, please, he says. I serve him up a healthy portion, he takes it from me and joins the others in the room who hunch over their steaming bowls, enjoying some comforting warmth on a cold day.

I’ve met Kelvin previously, he’s always polite, quiet, but he will talk if you engage. He is a good looking young man, keeps to himself mostly. I wonder what his story is?

After lunch he comes over to me and says can you help me please? I say yes, anything. He says, can you help me in the clothing room? I say sure. The two of us look though the clothing for what he needs…a pair of shorts that he can work out and go swimming in. I’m trying to get in shape he…

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