Interview with Poet, Lesley-Anne Evans

Sharing what was both unexpected and personally enlightening. There is a sacred gift in the individual who knows how to ask good questions, and how to hold a safe place for timid souls to find answers.

Dear Geosi… thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me to know more about why I do what I do. Thank you that you do this for so many. May it be increasingly so.


Geosi Reads

Photo: Lesley-Anne Evans Photo: Lesley-Anne Evans

Brief Biography:

Lesley-Anne Evans was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She graduated with a B.L.Arch. from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in 1987, and practiced Landscape Architecture and theme park design in Toronto, Ontario, for several years. Lesley-Anne moved west to Kelowna, British Columbia, where she pursues creative contentment with her husband of 27 years, three young adult children, and rehabilitated hound. Lesley-Anne’s poetry has placed in contests, and is published by Leaf Press, and in The Antigonish Review, CV-2, Quills, Ascent, Sage-ing, Pantheos, UBCO’s Lake Journal, and others. Lesley-Anne is drawn to poetic activism and word sharing activities with her street level initiative Pop-Up-Poetry, and facilitates a poetry circle with writers who live on the streets.  She sees artists and poets as culture makers, and art in all its varied forms as witness, influencer, advocate and healer.

Geosi Gyasi: Let’s begin with your poem, “Desert

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  1. Hello Lesley-Anne. So good to read this … congratulations on the recognition you deserve.

    I am saving the l,700 odd words version for a special read very soon ;))

    It was also so good to hear a hello from you recently … asking both Anne and I how we were. That immediacy and directness just dissolves the distance and any time lapse … doesnt it!! Wonderful.

    I recently made a prayer to God for His help in restoring my family to me. With my older son Drew in mind and heart. We have to be careful what we pray for … don’t we. A definite upshift in the level of family connection. I am working with the aspect that is Drew .. with a counsellor .. and my Priest from Church with whom I work on the new Christian Meditation group within the Church. Say a prayer?

    It has been somewhat CONSUMING in the past month. A complete revisit to a history with him that was painful and costly in the extreme .. to us both … and those others in the family who are near. Very sad.

    But great to have the sight, health, security and strength to re-approach this in a better way.

    Great joy in the knowledge that both my sons are fine men … and have had very effective and valuable lives in the community and our country and neighbouring countries.

    Younger son and his family are ever close … and we are share an absolute avalanche of birthdays at present … in June/July. Yours is in there, too. I do know ;))

    Congratulations on the Opera!! L-A what an achievement. And in such an intense period of time.
    Do let’s know when there is a Youtube version .. please?

    i am relishing my participation in the Bayside Poetry Group. Really clever, thoughtful, hard working core group of Poets. Our Anthology in 1915 won a Bayside District government sponsored award.,, this year. Copy to come in mail … when it is to hand. (Must tell Anne, too.)

    For now … Love always … Jude

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