Slowly but surely…


I adore playing with my Nikon DSLR… but I don’t always have the patience to read the manual (never) or the attention span to watch Youtube self help videos. So, I just play. I randomly test and spontaneously shoot and sometimes magic happens. Like above. Rain back lit by low light. But I don’t know if I could repeat this. And I’m OK with that. LAE

A continuation of paying attention to the details, taking notes, and persuading my heart to be grateful:

546. eye feast, soul banquet, in every direction…

547. son’s 21st birthday dinner

548. soccer success

549. air conditioning, home

550. love is all you need

551. Facebook void not as painful as might have been expected

552. dogs

553. irrigated lawn on a hot afternoon

554. relatives calling to wish him happy birthday

556. family life

557. a safe drive there and back

558. photographs

559. the ability to remember

560. brushing your teeth

561. finding a good gift of an experience rather than a thing

562. life is wonderful, God is good, God never gives up on us

563. more peace, more shelter

564. confirming words from listeners…

565. the ability to write a letter, post it, and have it arrive in another’s hands…

566. rest

567. grace

568. kale salad, kale smoothie, must try kale chips

569. typography, fonts, endless variety

570. Antigonish Review #177

May the fullness of this day be yours,
May the generosity of God overtake you,
May the loveliness of your presence
be shelter for you as it is for others,




  1. Haha! I love the photo and I love the lists! Hi Lesley, it’s Kenny. Came on line the other day and found your message. I’ve been away a long time but actually I’m doing wonderful. Sometimes life pulls us in a different direction for a while. I was in the middle of restructuring my site when, poof, had to go… So I forgot there was nothing there! I’ll repopulate so find the pieces. How are you? Going through your posts I see you living with passion and soul and it’s lovely. I fell in love and turned into a builder! I have eleven massionettes + clubhouse almost completed… Very grateful to God for getting me through EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Sending you the warmest African greetings!



  2. Oh my goodness, what a joy to hear from you Kenny. I’m so glad you are well, that you have been involved in a building project and it sounds quite substantial. Are you writing any poetry these days… I’d love to have the opportunity to read you work again. Take a peek at my author website if you like… and All is well though unsettled at times. Faith is like that I believe. With love brother, Lesley-Anne



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