Provision… a poem

Song Sparrow, Winter

Song Sparrow, Winter (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

I joined an online group of poetic souls at dVerse. I’m just beginning to poke around and see what I can dive into over there, but for this week’s “Poetics”, we are invited to work in First Person Narrative. First person narrative is storytelling through the voice of the character, at a particular moment, and referring to themselves. We see things through the narrators point of view. This then is my offering;


Today it is enough ~
this fragrant cedar bower
this covering of down
well fluffed against the chill.
Today it is enough ~
backyard feeder brimming
millet seed and sunflower,
snow melting in the bath
a slackening of thirst.
Today it is enough ~
echo of dusk song thick
on air, wrappings of
wings tight warm,
my head upon my breast,
I keep this winter space,
this grace before flight.

Inspiration of Matthew 10:29-31  Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.


  1. nice….love the smell of cedar….and the dusk song…and winters sleep….lots of cool elements in this….just fixed your link at dverse as well so you might get a few more poets popping in now…smiles.




  2. I agree with the others – this is a well obeserved piece of writing. And isn’t amazing how the birds are happy to simply accept that what they need will be provided when they need it, but we strive to make it be there?



  3. L – I’ve been reading a ton of Pacific Northwest poets lately. This one has some of those elements most illustrative of their work. A subtlety, nuanced and fresh, lithe and real. I loved this one.



      1. Dan Peters, Dorothy Trodgon, Brooke Matson, Jenifer Browne Lawrence…Luci Shaw? Come on, always Luci! There is a spirituality of place, a deeply biblical idea, that pervades who we become over time.


  4. Hi there! love this! Would you consider having us put it up on this months

    Rights remain unreservedly, and always yours, we post under our banner so your poem remains yours.

    What we do is select an image for the piece.

    There is something about this that resonates peace from an outside force – and we love it.

    Do check the site…you’ll notice we only have 9 poems for the month.

    Consider and let us know at your earliest opportunity…..

    And have the most excellent Sunday!



      1. Hi Lesley-Anne!

        Thanks so much – you should be up in a couple of hours!
        Never mind reading everything at one go – that’s why it’s there – at your leisure.

        Thank you again and we will endeavour to work in the stipulations.

        If at ANY time you want changes, just mail at

        and we’ll comply soon as possible.

        Shall we pull a line from your bio at your blog or would you like us to use something else?

        Two lines is more than plenty and we ALWAYS direct to your site.

        I hope you are fine and writing is still fun – it comes in batches as we know.

        Carry on loving when it seems there’s no love to be found, forgiving more than you think you can handle, remembering that you too, are a gorgeous child of God.

        We walk with Jesus, as we can.

        Sending you and your family, the warmest African sunshine!


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