Tuesday Poem 003

Look! See!

Look! Exclamation of two year olds and middle age whale watchers
commands immediate attention in sand box and off starboard side
offers a guards down gift of sudden sight.

Lookie-here is Old Country, like wrinkled grandpa porch rocking
hound at his feet. Mind my words son, my wise, year-full words. Makes
no difference, young-uns reckless, half-eared things.

Looking is committed motion. Cranks your neck to acute angle, drops
what you’re doing. Like when a toddler palm-holds your face by the cheeks
pulls your chin up, demands eye level “look at me” looking.

As if God had to ignore everything else and concentrate carefully on
the right mix of clay and spit in his hands. No. God’s mountain view
was pregnant with infinity. Visions of good, also for our eyes.

Imagine looking, seeing, like you just found out it’s the bonus question
on the exam. Like myopic tending to what is forming in your sweaty palms
is secondary to seeing what is very good. Like snow days matter.

Behold and see, lift your eyes and see, look and see.
Pay attention. Look long and hard. Imagine.
Look! See!


  1. “Visions, myopic, imagine;” I used those three words in my last assignment– which was two days ago. Sometimes when we miss the “still small voice,” I guess he has to speak a little louder–which is probably why I was compelled to take this little detour from studying.

    Thanks again. It’s apparent that divine inspiration still exists.

    ADHD moment: not sure why I just thought of it, but I feel like I should ask you if you’ve ever listened to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings?”



    1. Ummm, just listened to it (again). It is soulful. I recall balling my eyes out in the theatre with the combination of this piece and the incredibly moving scene in ‘Platoon’. Music is a miracle… thanks for sharing this one with me today.



  2. Oh God. And, I mean it literally. God knows what a strong poet you are … and are becoming! You NEVER disappoint. This is deeper, more relaxed, more confidently controlled and more beautiful than ever! I have just managed access to much that is online, in my new place in Sandringham and I cannot tell you sufficiently how much this work satisfies my soul. And then my heart … because it is yours.



    1. Ah, Jude… how wonderful to hear from you again. Your words touch me, as you and I have shared a journey as poets. Thank you for seeing something developing in my work, and for your continued deep kindness to me. Are you able to receive email? I will write to you if that is the case. I look forward to that very much.



  3. – like wrinkled grandpa porch rocking –

    oooo, I’m jealous!
    You know, your poetry has grown and changed. There is a definate style to your work now and it’s really good.
    This one has breeze and air currents on which crystal clear images billow…waft along, playing with each other….herded by voice that directs the intellect – snaphshotimagination….look, see!
    I can see the new paths your treading!

    I like when that happens to me and my own writing begins to uncover new things for myself.

    Maybe soon it’ll be my turn!

    Right now I’m doing a forty-day lent thing on my other blog…a sort of personal journal – trying to find something by being away from poetry I guess.

    How is your Easter coming? Palm Sunday coming…yay!

    Anyway, onward woman – you mighty voice you…forceful wind!



    1. Hello again my poet friend :)
      How wonderful to hear from you… my heart lept when I saw notice that you had come by. May I drop by your other blog? Please direct me there, thanks. I love that you are doing something different and 40 days is a powerful tool for change (and I anticipate more poetry from you, my friend). I’m looking forward to a small time of solitude coming up this weekend where I will participate in some spiritually directed exercises and prayer, watch “Passion of the Christ”, prepare my heart for Easter. Every year it seems to become more meaningful to me… you?



      1. Oh Easter comes in spurts for me – I do it all sooooo dramatically!

        it’s a very personal blog…kind of like a diary so it’s all about me – you won’t find much!


        This year I’m trying to find something new in Easter…trying to understand that whole ‘died for me’ thing in a more personal way.

        My Passion of Christ thing was around 2008/9 – consumed me totally!

        Anyway, all the best wishes for your Easter…let’s see what poetry comes my way.


  4. Good for you K for your searching, digging in, giving space for and to the process. My faith life is one of extremes, and I never feel that I’ve learned, internalized or matured enough… this keeps me asking and humble I guess. Then God’s grace/unconditional love says it doesn’t matter… it’s so upside down really… this love of his without my earning it??? The Passion is powerful… I return again each year as one way to remember. I will look forward to what comes :)



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