Tuesday Poem 002

On Communication Techniques

Risk misunderstanding
be labeled: melancholy, morose.
You know as well as I that
judgment is our mother tongue. Wicked
thoughts reside here, unholy trinities
of alter ego, inner critic, and truth with a sword.

You are neither less nor more, eloquence
is not more weighty than intent. Do not allow
preconceptions to double bind what
claws your guts for liberty. He too has
seen dark corners deep enough to drown.
Your part, delivery, phrases pungent with

redemption. Speak, unleash humility, transform
with praise the ashes of disgrace, love best you can.

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  1. …How did you get my guts on your page without my knowledge? I didn’t even feel the incision. When I came to visit you today, I did not expect to be wrenched open, to have myself exposed in a haze of dark orthodoxy, blinded by the verses I memorized as a child from the Proverbs: “As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.” (I think it’s in 27 or 28, but I’m too tired to look, and I know it’s from the King James, but the meaning is clear enough). What I’m saying, is that in our brief encounter over the last couple of days, you have “read my face,” and God, through your words, has reflected it back to me, and I have seen it…with tears, and with hope.



    1. It has to be spirit to spirit, as the things you ‘see’ here are so deeply personal and impossible for me to ‘know’. So, as if it isn’t enough for me to create a poem that expresses something of my own humanity, I am now transfixed by the knowledge that God has taken those words and made more of them… much more… in your heart. (Eph. 3:20… exceedingly abundantly more) Your experience of God in this, in turn gives renewed zest to the spirit/poetic life in me. And so it goes…



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