Poetry Fridayo37

Broken Heart

Image by Gabriela Camerotti via FlickrValentine’s Day

Salt, scabs and lost loves

A specter of my former life moves
past me on the pavement
close enough I feel
And while I stare and will it to
look at me with dead eyes
it will not, but weaves
up the avenue
It’s pretense on other things aside
I know it feels my mortal presence
Sure ghosts have memories
ours shared are
Hawk cries out above us two
intent on blood warmed
bodies in the winter
Small deaths atone for love’s demise
in me, splayed hearts scatter
like misplaced valentines
upon the frozen

Lesley-Anne Evans
, February 14, 2011


  1. can you find a place to let them go? the memories that invade your peace – can you let them go? To be forgiven and forgotten? To let go? To rest – to take a vacation from their control, never to invade again?



  2. Lesley-Anne,

    Have just read this piece for the second time in several days. It gets better with each reading. And the first reading is already so good.

    Congratulations on this. It is different and intriguing, real and surreal and touchingly beautiful.



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