Poetry Friday035


There’s before and after, and now is
the space in between. A marker for both


Image by Gavin Mackintosh via Flickr

carrying great expectations.
“How are you,” takes pause
“What’s up,” takes days.
Now is hard to swallow
like gorge in my throat when

the Doctor called back.

I made bold statements about God. Before.
plastered bible bandages on gaping wounds oozing
with strangers blood.


begs the question,

avoids answers.

Digs for God in the muck,

eyes squeezed shut.

Sucks air

through clenched teeth.

December 2010


  1. It’s great to see this new work! L-A. And with a new ‘edge’, which altho perhaps coming from a hard place …. works!! So well! I like the focus, the tension in this one.



  2. Poetry Friday is my favorite part of your blog by the way. I adore poetry and have written a fair amount of it the past few years. It’s a soul cleansing experience par excellence and you do it well, my dear.

    Euchariste, Rob



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