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What is the relationship between Creator, creation, and the act of creativity? Not pro-creation, in this case, but the art of creating objects of our desire. Be it a painting, or a sculpture, or a piece of music, or a home-made card, or a poem, what is the process that leads us to this place of desiring to create something of lasting value.

Why is it that when we learn to create (yes, some need to be taught how to do this), we feel entirely more whole, more well, more about what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing? Perhaps creativity is hard wired into each of us. I can’t help believing that it is. I’d like to believe that each of us, carrying the Divine fingerprint of God inside our souls from the moment we were conceived, also carry within us (to a much lesser degree, of course) his ability to create. And, through the art of creating, he draws us closer to him, allowing us to find fulfillment in what he made us to do from the start?

Now this is all supposition at this point, and I obviously need to do my do diligence, and back up what I am saying with some strong foundational truths, but, I’d just like you to consider this;

That we were created by a Creator with the inherent and uniquely human ability to carry on his creative work, in perpetuity, for the purposes of his and our pleasure, and the ultimate discovery that he is all in all.

Just wondering…



  1. Well here is an interesting little bit of trivia for you, my friend: I could never draw. I’m not kidding. Not even a stick man. I’m not sure if it was poor teaching, or my total lack of ability. But I nearly failed art class, repeatedly. I think the teachers only gave me a passing mark to get me out of their class.

    Recently, with a child who LOVES to draw, I have taken courage and tried my hand at drawing. To my surprise, I can draw. Who knew? I give all credit to the creative one, in me.
    Peace, my friend.



  2. Lesley-Anne

    What is the process that makes us want to create things of beauty and value ?

    Creative ability is unique to each individual. Just living it out loud exposes our creative inner genius to those around us. Being authentic to our creative soul, and expressing it as a matter of course, is beautiful and of great value to those who see it.
    Whether or not you see it expressed in your daily life, and how it is expressed, is determined by you. If you are taught to live with great purpose, and that your creativity is only expressed and learned at the craft table, or at the piano, or singing in the choir….then your creative boat is long gone.
    Creativity is not something to be “learned”… it’s like breathing… it’s easy…it happens…and it happens without thought or reason. The more you breath, the longer your life journey. Creative people live creatively, and it is keep in the forefront of their is an integral part of their thoughts, desires and actions. Smother creativity and it dies…nurture it and it grows, pursue it with passion and you have a masterpiece…the learning part is in the living…creativity is a force of life… beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder.
    God, our creator made the world and then He made us in His image. To be any less than creative just wouldn’t do Him justice. Creativity is so vast, that even the smallest jester in a wild dance around the room with a child in tow, a song sung in a silly voice on the way to school, a beautiful bow a banister, or an expression of gratitude in the gift of flowers in a mason jar…they all express sublime creative meaning. The creative soul sees God’s hand in every detail of our lives. If we aren’t seeing it and living it out loud, we’re missing the presence of God in us.


    even the accomplished artist is on a journey of learning to express themselves in their art



  3. Hello Lesley-Anne

    I agree that creativity and an appreciation of creation (as in the natural world)
    are part of that Divine image present in every human being. When I began to
    incorporate times of contemplative prayer as part of my on-going spirituality,
    I found an increased awareness of the beauty of Creation and an overflow in my own creating- in my case in poetry. I am sure these things are linked in the human spirit, and to develope one will benefit the other areas.



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