Just another manic Monday…

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What’s your biggest goal going into the New Year? What’s your biggest challenge?

I was expecting to feel excited about 2011, but I’m feeling rather ordinary about it all. Sure, Bob goes back to work and the kids back go school and I un-decorate the house, get back into a schedule, but is that it? I mean I know I have a couple of special things to keep going with, like AfterGrad celebrations and all, but what else? Sure, there’s choir… I’m looking forward to continuing with that. And, there’s the date nights that we both organized as Christmas gifts this year, and there’s the 3 birthdays that fall in January and February combined, and then there’s Valentine’s Day and before long there will be Spring Break, but what I’m looking for, what I’m really longing for is something else… something out of the ordinary… something bigger.

Do you feel it too? A certain amount of…


Lack of purpose?

Lack of focus?

My darling treated me to a Spa retreat for a couple of days over the Christmas Break. Our kids were happy to take care of themselves while Bob and I went to the ‘Kurspa’ at  ‘Sparkling Hill Resort for some TLC and down time. It was lovely. We enjoyed steams and saunas, and ate wonderful meals and slept in a bed with a memory foam mattress. Many of the spa treatments were for the purposes of detoxifying the body. From skin treatments like aroma scrubs, to more deep cleansing muds, our bodies were deep cleaned and felt amazing… lighter, fresher, younger, and smoother. What a delightful way to take care of our health and wellness, one we should probably do more often. I also couldn’t help reflecting on how a regular spiritual detox might be good for me too.

So when I see that I’m not heading into 2011 feeling excited and energized, that detox idea is what comes to mind again.

Or maybe I just need to get back on the vitamins? Perhaps  SAD is already catching up with me after a couple of dreary months of little sunshine? A little light therapy, or maybe some tanning, or even a new thing called ‘Hydration’ might do the trick. And making certain I eat healthy and get exercise… out in the fresh air is also a good thing.

But what I really think I need is to set time set aside for solitude and connection with my maker again… very soon. I have this need to get away with God and me to a special place up on a mountain, where I can just be still and listen. It’s something I haven’t always done, but the last couple of years I’ve started I find myself wanting to more regularly, and each time I go I am never disappointed. As I spend this intense time with God, I expose some of the wrong thinking I have inside me, I deal with the things I’ve done wrong, I get vulnerable with him, share my hopes and my ideas, and then I wait for his direction for what comes next. It detoxifies me from the influence of ungodly things in me and around me. It is such a good thing.

And I believe, based upon past experience, that my renewed focus and energy and passion and purpose will come from my time away with God. Most of all I will come back with the knowledge that there’s more to life than just this moment, or any immediate needs. I’ll come back ‘down the mountain’ with a tiny dose of eternal perspective that was given an opportunity to take root inside me.

So yeah, it might just be another manic Monday, but my planner’s open and I’m looking for a spiritual health day asap!

Out with the old and in with the new!



  1. Your post speaks the secret words of many-thank you for bringing them out of your hiding place. I don’t want to be like Elijah who experienced at this drama for God and then sat under a broom tree and said, “God take my life…I can’t take any more of this.” I realize he had been doing ministry and life alone. Does that mean I must surround myself with even more people? No, I must completely saturate myself with my Lord and listen to his sweet whispers about what HE wants to do in and through my one and only life in this coming year. …just like Elijah!… I want to hear HIS voice and not more confusion, noise and activity from the world around me. Then I know I will get excited again.



    1. Thanks for affirming these thoughts, Heidi. I’ve been Elijah before :) but can ‘see’ those tendencies now while they are yet in their infancy, and I now know to take action. Thinking of you and how you let God lead.



  2. LA, I admire your desire and obvious follow-up to spend that alone time with God. I try so hard to do that but then remember the laundry that needs to be done, the decisions of what to make for dinner, thinking about how my kids are doing and on and on.
    My prayer this year is to actually spend some quiet time with God as you suggest, and try to keep all those other worries/concerns/jobs at bay while I do.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I know the bible says we should not covet but I must say, I wish I could write like you.
    Happy New Year
    Love Hope



    1. Dear Hope,
      God knows your heart and your schedule… he understands. I struggle with prioritizing too… especially daily. But when I take those (quarterly) few hours of solitude, away from the house and my to do list, that is the most meaningful time for me. I come back with memories and things that sustain me. Thanks for sharing your heart.



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