Midweek Random Ramble015

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Another ramble brought to us courtesy of the ‘Rambling Queen’… “EMMY, GET BACK HERE!!!”

Emmy has been sizing up the fence for some time now, completely enamored with the small children that live next door, when they are playing out in the yard. I’ve seen her staring at them through the fence, then standing up looking over the fence, and then last week, balancing up on top of the fence, and well, you know the rest!

Just to prove that when opportunity knocks, Emmy is more than ready to answer!

And the post script to this ramble is that Real Man and #2 Son went out and bought some plexi-glass. Then, Real Man and #1 Son, increased the height of the fence by several inches centimeters, covered over the bits that acted as steps for our Emmy, and “PRESTO,” Emmy is home to stay. Except for tonight when #1 Son was taking her out for a walk and she bolted through the right-of-way, and down the next block into someone’s back garden. #1 went looking, calling, looking some more, then came home to share his experience with me. Just as he arrived back at our front door, so did Emmy!

I know my life as writer/poet wife, mother of 3 and volunteer extraordinaire would be awfully boring without Emmy. She’s a delight. Really!

Peace, down, I mean stay, I mean off, I mean out!



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