Midweek Random Ramble009 meets Poetry Friday025

1. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! Well, maybe not. Midweek doesn’t have to be a Wednesday, does it? I hope not because as I already said, I’m late. It’s Thursday Friday already, and it’s late. Sorry! So I guess that means no poetry today… or maybe both?

2.  Have you ever come across talent so brilliant that you can’t believe it’s not taking to the sky with wings? And, what if that talent comes in a humble human package, a creatively understated package that doesn’t scream, yet produces such beauty that this particular individual could be jumping up and down and saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at what I can do!!!” The result is something quite powerful.

Local Kelowna artist Jody Bruce is a woman with a gift. Her work is full of life and colour and vibrant vision. Check out her website to see for yourself. Jody works in both small and large format, but her large canvases are extraordinary in their ability to immerse the viewer in a complete visual and emotional experience. Bold, unique, fresh, Jody’s work demands a response.

A contemporary painter in acrylic medium, Jody has been getting a lot of attention lately. People recognize her name and her work. She recently participated in Art Walk in Lake Country. In October, Jody is heading to Toronto Art Expo 2011 where her work will be one of 200 juried entries in the highly acclaimed annual event. Today I had the pleasure of seeing two of Jody’s paintings hung locally at ‘One Cup at a Time’, where the atmosphere of promise just got ramped up a notch.

Jody Bruce is definitely going to fly!

3. Speaking of ‘One Cup at a Time’, I’ve been spending some time down at 1440 St. Paul Street in Kelowna this week, inspired by the creative vision of a friend of mine who has recently joined forces with the John Howard Society to take their funky coffee shop concept over the finish line. Today an Open House will be held from 2-6 PM, and it is expected that local dignitaries and others who have played a key role in seeing this project take shape will attend. The Grand Opening will be later this month. Coffee by Cherry Hill, sweets and sandwiches by Bliss Bakery, soup by my friend Traci Cooke… YUM!!!

4. Training a dog is very much like training a child. Patience and persistence, repetition and reward. 4 months after our dog adoption and subsequent integration into our family, I’m excited to say that Emmy shows some improvement! She comes when called, for the most part. She knows sit and down and watch and slow and stay… sort of. She no longer paces around our dining room table or the swimming pool like a caged beast. But, her new M.O. is to hesitate on the back porch when let out, and then take off like a bullet to rush the back fence and jump up just noisily enough to scare the geese from their apple gleaning in the orchard behind us. Every time she does this. EVERY TIME!!! She’s a creature of habit, as they say.

I wonder how much my life as a follower of Jesus is like training my dog, or my child. God must smile at me as I try to listen, try to learn, repeat the same mistakes, make some progress, anticipate the reward, and he is patient… oh so patient with me. Maybe some day I’ll get it? But unlike the dog and child training God love is completely unaffected when I don’t get it… even if I never do. He still smiles. He still loves 100% unconditionally.

Like Emmy my dog, I’m also a creature of habit, but I want to see some habits broken and new and better ones learned in the process. With myself I’m even more impatient than I am with the dog or my kids. Maybe I should just enjoy the journey rather than get sidetracked by looking for some measurable change? Today I’m just keeping my eyes forward… staying on the path!

5. “Bacon-flavoured pudding, that would surprise me!” Walter Bishop, ‘Fringe’. What would surprise you?

6. A poem, a poem, my kingdom for a poem… hmmm, let’s see what I can offer you……

Claire at play

Tousled waves halo your sun blessed face.
Sweetly rumpled, fresh from dreams,
other awakenings yet to come, and

your hands are busy, intently moving cards
this way and that, humming, happy,
oblivious to my thirsty eyes,

so I sit, coffee in hand, good book in lap
torn between morning devotions
and the vision of glory at my feet

while this small solitude is injected with life.

Lesley-Anne Evans

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