Mid-week random ramble 004

1.  A full moon out tonight, we picked up ice cream and headed to the beach for a sit. Came upon a wonderful sight… 15 swimmers, dressed in wetsuits, strung around with glow stick necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and in some cases, earrings, heading into the lake for an evening swim. It seems they were celebrating a birthday as they indulged in a little cake just before taking to the water. A magical happening for us to watch from the shore.

2. God is all around us, putting on magnificent shows every sunset, serenading us with bird songs in the garden and froggie quartet’s at dusk, swirling the cumulus clouds just so, filling our hearts until they ache with a desire that only God can fill. If we could only see, hear, feel him. He is an infinite mystery and yet he is relational. He is more than our human minds can comprehend, and yet he is near, with us. He speaks to each of us in uniquely personal ways. Do you hear him?

3. Planning a Christmas holiday with the extended family is quite complicated but there must be a way to make it work…………

4. Made two runs to the dump today, and one delivery to our community ‘SHARE’. What a wonderful feeling to come home to a clear driveway and a less cluttered mind.

5. Summer isn’t over yet!!! Tomorrow we are expecting a high of 31 C. Sounds like a good day to head to the beach!!!

6. “The Time Traveller’s Wife” was an OK movie… 6/10 on my scale. We watched it tonight. Not as bad as I expected, but not as good as it could have been. Cinematography redeemed it somewhat. Didn’t read the book. Don’t think I will.

7. Speaking of reading books, for some reason I haven’t been able to read a novel all summer. A friend lent me “Little Bee,” by Chris Cleave. Can’t seem to open the cover. I have, however, read a couple of  non-fiction books and some poetry. And I’ve purchased several books of poetry, including “Belonging,” by Sandy Shreve, and “Blue hour of the day,” by B.C. poet Lorna Crozier. When we were in Tofino, staying in the winter home of local activist and long time resident Maureen Fraser, I dined daily on her prolific collection of poetry… and somewhere I have a list of poetry books that I would like to add to my own collection. I have to say that part of the attraction of Tofino for me, are the late nights spent up alone reading from Maureen’s collection of poetry chapbooks. Pure magic!

8. Selected a colour for the walls in Malcolm’s bedroom. A warm grey called ‘Seattle’ by General Paint. Hummm, I can feel the moodiness settling in already. Now a little bit of spackle and the transformation begins!

9. My parents arrive next Tuesday! We are beginning to make some plans, including compiling a list of possible eating establishments, entertainment venues, and a general buzz of preparation is growing. Jam making is part of this, as it gives me great joy to serve my Dad homemade jam. I’ve made both Raspberry and Blackberry Freezer Jam. They’ve both set well and have been test tasted with positive results. Maybe I’ll even manage to can some peaches too. Those little canning jars all filled and sitting in a row appeal to the ordered part of my personality. Does that make me anal?

10. Another poem is brewing… and because the time to write is at a premium right now, that little poem seed might have to stay in my journal for a few more days. Hint… (it’s about a tow truck and a fire truck…)

11. Things are very quiet around here with 2 out of 3 kids away at camp. The solitary child seems happy enough, but I’m going to be very glad to see the other two on Saturday morning!

12. Still no word the Mink 2 Go (M2G) experiment Claire and I initiated in Tofino. Sadly, perhaps she’s lost at sea, or swamped and sunk? Maybe another launch is in the future… here in a Lake in another bottle… with a lid that’s been waxed shut? I had hoped for some contact, but alas, nothing. Goodbye M2G.

UPDATE!!!!! Just in from our M2G facebook group, M2G is now in San Francisco, CA. She will be launched in the Bay tomorrow! Very cool… yes, indeed!

13. Bedtime

Peace, out!


Photograph of surfside M2G, taken by Malcolm Evans

Photograph of night swimmer borrowed from here.


One thought on “Mid-week random ramble 004

  1. L.A. You stumble upon the most wonderful things! Nice photo too. I have dreamed of an extended family christmas in a wintery cabin for some time now…I’d love to hear your plans! I have a great recipe for peach marmalade from Mike’s Aunt Lily if you are interested. The Time Traveler’s Wife Book was a million times better than the movie. I LOVED IT! Malcolm really impressed me as a mature confident young man yesterday. I’m sure you are enjoying your time with him! Yay on the M2G group….

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