A passing quote…

Every time I sit down to write, I think, “Well, it’s over. Clearly, some astral confluence of outside forces made it possible, until yesterday, for it to appear that I could write, but things have changed now. From now on, instead of someone who lives like a pig because I’m writing, I’ll just be someone who lives like a pig.”

Simcha Fisher


  1. Lesley-Anne, this made me laugh outloud!!

    How much we can all identify with this …. how fickle seems our muse/writing. How much we stake on it at times.

    Honestly, who would inflict this on themselves? We must all be a bit mad.

    Nooooo… pulling back from that ‘giveaway’ … it is just the nature of creativity of course. And we have a part of a brain that needs to be used. It is no simpler than that!

    Lots of exclamation marks today :)

    Thanks for this posting …………. we hold to the ‘high’ times when our writing emerges .. and trust that it will not really go away.

    Yes … again … perhaps we do have to be a bit mad??????



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