Midweek random ramble 001

1. Today I went to a ‘Opa’… a Greek fast food restaurant, and was served by an entirely Asian staff. I found that ironic somehow.

2. A $2 bag of colourful balloons and some permanent markers can keep two girls happy for hours.

3. I still feel guilty leaving my kids for some me/adult time… even though they are 12, 14, and 17 years old!

4. According to the Kelowna RCMP, 10 year old children may go door to door (unsupervised) selling chocolate covered almonds, as employees of a so-called legitimate business. What happened to ‘labour laws’ and child exploitation concerns? Where are their parents? Just wondering…

5. It’s still possible in Kelowna to have a waterside table with a view of the marina, mountains, and passersby, all served up with a tasty breakfast for 2, for under $20.

6. It’s really hot out there! Especially on the pavement adjacent to large box retail establishments. It’s possible to get really excited about a glass of ice water! It’s also possible to get excited about making a beverage with key limes, lime cordial and tonic on ice and serving it to your husband when he gets home from his hot hot day!

7. Getting a bargain is still a great way to feel good about spending your hard earned cash!

8. Everybody has stuff they struggle with. Real friends don’t pretend they don’t have stuff.

9. Saying a kind word to someone is usually unexpected and most often appreciated.

10. It’s possible to do without without feeling hard done by.

11. The sound of a chickadee calling from the feeder is better than some music.

12. Boys like to play x-box. That is OK.

13. The best holiday memories can happen on your own street… or down the end of your street at the beach.

14. Life chapters that feel they will last forever are fleeting. Carpe diem… take photos… lots of photos!!!

15. Friends that remember your birthday are good friends.Friends that don’t remember your birthday can be forgiven.

16. Family that forgets your birthday… well… they can be forgiven too.

17. Reading poetry out loud to people is even more fun that reading it out loud to yourself. It is also more fun that not reading it aloud. Being invited to read your poetry out loud makes you giddy!!!

18. In order to eat a tasty dinner, one has to plan it, buy food, and then prepare the food. I must prepare said food now.

Thanks for reading this random blather…



  1. Lesley-Anne, Cant tell you how much I love receiving notice of your Buddy-Breathing blog … (Just organised to receive such by email) …. and to hear your ‘random blatherings’ … so good … so good.

    I feel like it IS Buddy-Breathing .. and your ‘blatherings; are far from banal. And your photos!

    I feel like you are Buddy-Breathing me to stay on the surface now … the writing surface, that is.

    Thank you, thank you for your constancy .. and openess. As always, Jude



  2. I love reading these lists L.A. Each one creates a little conversation. Hey…do you think I could have a garage sale to get rid of my “stuff”?



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