A snapshot of my day… so far…

Just in case you ever wonder what I do when I’m not sitting in front of my computer, here’s a brief snapshot of my day…

6:00 AM – alarm goes off and I turn down the volume

6:40 AM – I drag myself out of bed and into the shower, knowing I should have gotten up at 6:00 and yet recognizing that I need my sleep. And this morning I need to take it up a notch from yoga wear because I’m meeting my book friends for coffee and talk about our recent reading in the book “For Parent’s Only”.

7:00 AM – I wake up our three teens by rubbing their arms, kissing their noses, saying gently, “Good morning sunshine” (the first time anyway, which is usually followed by calling up the stairs in a louder voice, “Hey, you’ve got to get up”, “You are going to be late” etc. etc.)

7:05 AM – set the table, make the coffee, empty the dishwasher, feed the dog, greet the first offspring that makes it downstairs, carefully trying not to offend or say too much or say too little first thing in the morning… a bit of a tightrope walk, really!

7:30 AM – ensure that the other two offspring are actually up, remind them again to hurry up and come down for breakfast, taste my first sips of strong coffee with milk and sugar, greet my lover husband as he comes downstairs to gulp down some breakfast and head out the door, engage in a bit more verbal tightrope walking, check clock for time, remind offspring of need to make lunches, and run back upstairs for finishing touches on physical appearance… a little makeup and jewellery etc.

8:00 AM – tidy up kitchen and put away anything the dog will eat off the table or counter while I’m out for my bookie time. Look at clock again and remind offspring that we have 15 minutes before we have to leave. Gather books, pen, purse, and go back upstairs to find socks that match my notched up outfit… then wonder if polka-dot socks are age appropriate…

8:20 AM – wonder where eldest offspring is… then realize he’s already out starting the car and I’m the last one to be ready to leave.

8:27  AM – pull out of the driveway and drive. Drop off youngest offspring at first campus. Drive. Drop off middle and eldest offspring at other campus. Look for cell phone in purse. Realize offspring still have it from yesterday afternoon. Decide to do without cell phone for a couple of hours.

8:45 AM – Drive. Pull into parking lot, park car, open book and read chapter that I read a couple of weeks ago but can’t remember anything much to discuss about it. Enjoy sun pouring in the car window. Thank God it’s a sunny day. Underline key points in chapter to refer to at bookie time. Thank God that he helps me to be a parent, and it’s his wisdom, not mine! Realize it’s time to drive to bookie time.

9:08 AM – ring girlfriend’s doorbell and she welcomes me with a smile, wearing a beautiful lavender coloured shirt that matches her newly planted pansies at the front door, and I immediately feel loved and way behind schedule in the spring season of gardening and flower planting. She pours me a coffee and we chit chat until our other friend arrives. I forget about her spring flowers by the time our other friend arrives.

9:15 AM – we drink coffee, share stories, each coffee cake and fruit, discuss our underlined and highlighted portions of the chapter in the book, refer to bible verses that support and direct us in our parenting efforts, cry, laugh, drink more coffee, pray for our kids and each other.

11:24 AM – I drive to the grocery store to rent a carpet cleaner. My carpets are dirty. My couches are dirty. I need to clean them… and, like it says in the ad above… “It’s so easy!!!”.

11:50 AM – I arrive home with the equipment, the soap, the attachments, the special pet spray, and I get to work. I check my emails, I check my facebook, I check for phone messages, I read my blog comments, I blog. I imagine how nice my clean carpets and couches will be. I edit my blog.

12:54 12:58 1:03 AM PM – I fill up the Rug Doctor with the concoction that will make my home smell fresh, clean and lovely. It’s so easy (not!)… here goes…


‘Rug Doctor’ Image borrowed from here.


  1. haha – ok, that was a hoot. I do all the things you scratched out, but I’m pretty sure that is all I do. Guess that is why Donna = very ungodly. Thanks for leaving me an example to live up to. Love ya



  2. I think the polka dot socks were very special and I noticed them with a smile on my face for my very creative friend who I just can’t get enough of!



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