I promised not to preach…

Good morning friends.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments and honours me with your time spent at Buddy Breathing. I do appreciate that you choose to be here, because I know that your time is precious. I want to offer you something good and worthwhile. And I’m convinced that the only worthwhile thing I can offer you is Jesus.

Yes, I promised not to preach, and you can call this preaching if you like. But, I’m just being gut honest here. I have nothing else worthwhile for you. I’ve learned that to be less than open about who I am and what I believe is, well, less than honest. And I don’t want to be a liar.

You see, when I named this blog ‘Buddy Breathing’, there was a byline that went with that… and it was …‘a blog about hope’. For some reason, the current design of this blog does not allow for my byline, and it’s been dropped, but now I need to get back to that original design. It’s the reason why I’m blogging in the first place.

If you have read ‘About the Blogger’, you will know the background of the name ‘Buddy Breathing’. It’s about sharing oxygen… words filled with the spiritual oxygen of hope that can be yours through a relationship with God the Father and his son Jesus.  That’s it! Nothing more. Nothing less. Whether I blog a story, or a poem or prose, or a photograph, or a commentary, or a video, the bottom line for me is that in that, I point you to the God of Hope.

That doesn’t mean I have it all together, that doesn’t mean that I have all the answers, that doesn’t mean that I go through life with a halo on, or with a supernatural ability to turn every cloud inside out to it’s silver lining. My life and my circumstances and my past and my future are filled with good and bad, challenges and victories, troubles and turmoil and triumphs. I’m just a regular, ordinary, middle aged wife and mother who happens to rest everything on the fact that I have a God who is in charge of it all, has the future all figured out, and continues to help me make it through from day to day. Sometimes those days are dark, and sometimes they are filled with light. God is here with me.

I might have lost some of you right there, but if not then I’m really happy about that. Because I say all this knowing it might stir things up, might offend some, and might cause others to leave Buddy Breathing. Still, with God as my guide, what I say might also impact you, or change your life, or just plant a little seed or a question or something that will provoke you to think about things for the very first time. That excites me. That keeps me keeping on.

It’s Holy week… and I’m not. Yet, I trust that whatever is coming next in my life, I will be able to live it and to express it because I have a God of Hope who is with me and for me.

I’m willing to expose all of it for your consideration. I’m ready to give an answer for the hope I have.

Walking on,



  1. I admire you so much Lesley-Anne for your honesty and your openness. Though everyone who reads your blog may not hold the exact same beliefs as you, I think you have been very inclusive and certainly not “preachy”. You do inspire me to look at things differently and it has helped me to examine my own beliefs and to think about what I really mean when I say “I have faith, but I don’t have a church”. You have made me think about what my faith really means and your words have encouraged me to continue to examine and focus on my faith. I hope some day we can chat about this together as I am often curious, and sometimes concerned about things you say, and back and forth on the internet is not always the most clear method to share ideas. In the meantime, thanks for sharing yourself so freely!



    1. I’d love to chat Suzan… let’s make a date for that soon.
      Thanks for faithfully commenting on my writing. It makes me really happy to know I’m writing for someone specific… not into a void :) I’ll call you.



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