Getting back into the groove…

Well, I’m now one hour away from home, sitting in the Vancouver Airport and watching the sun come up. After an overnight from Maui, where three hours vanished somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I’m feeling a little tired but excited about getting home and getting back into the groove of life again. As much as walking on the beach and watching the palm trees sway was cathartic, it really wasn’t sustainable. Life waits. My dog waits. I expect that lots of things wait our re-entry.

Doesn’t look like the kids will be back to school today as they are pretty shell shocked from lack of sleep. Tomorrow will have to do.

So, a quick thought or two that occurred to me en route;

1. Life change can begin as easily as changing a word or two. I posted a few of what I consider to be ‘life altering words’ yesterday on my Facebook profile in this regard. It occurred to me that saying positive words in response to my loved ones comments might just be a way to change a pervading atmosphere of confrontation, questioning, conflict and negativity. Always a family of strong opinion, our vacation made this pattern even more pronounced, the more time we spent together.

So, yesterday I decided to start saying “Yes” more. I started saying things like “Really”, “That’s very interesting”, “That’s great”, “I didn’t know that”, “Very good”, and “OK”, in response to a whole gambit of things. I don’t always have to add my opinion, my two cents, or correct someone else’s commentary. Do I? Maybe this will catch on in our home?

2. It’s been 5 years since we last took the kids to Maui. So, I was amazed by that fact, and the changes that have occurred since then. Childhood is fleeting. Teen years fly. Family remains an all important thing. So I tell myself again… don’t waste these years. Make them count. Don’t give up or give in to feelings of discouragement. Try very hard to not take everything so personally. Do not tire of doing good.

3. Tomorrow is another day. Wake up. Begin again. Press the restart button!

Signing off as our boarding call is being made. Talk soon.



  1. Glad you found something worth hanging onto… it’s amazing how quickly one can lose the perspective on things, and I guess that’s one reason why holidays are so necessary and helpful in regaining it. Thanks for dropping by!



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