Just a little bit longer…

Dear friends,

I’m on vacation with my family… thought there might be time to blog, but I was mistaken. We have been too busy bonding in the sweet Hawaiian sunshine.

But, being one who is often (unnecessarily) concerned about meeting everyone’s spoken and unspoken expectations, I’m thinking now that I’ve not met yours after being absent for quite a few days. If so, then I must ask you to forgive me, and to please bear with me. I anticipate that I will be back to blogging later in the week, refreshed, revitalized, tanned, and with a few new thoughts inspired by palm trees and salt spray.

Malcolm’s sandy toes

For now, I’m enjoying that last of Maui sunsets, ocean inspired meals, walks, whale gazing, drink sipping, dips in the ocean, and whatever else is in store before we fly home. I already feel that melancholy that comes from leaving good things behind. Yet, I know without a doubt that good things are still to come no matter where we hang our hats… holiday-land or home are all territory for God stuff to happen.

With great expectations,


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