Poetry Friday 001

I used to have a poetry blog called My Grace Notes, where I posted my poems along with interesting photographs by some of the creative photographers in my life. And, I used to have another blog called Sometimes Suicidal Mama that was about life… all writing. You can still visit both of them to have a look at the postings there.

After a year, I found it to be too much writing and too much time involved in keeping both blogs current. Now I have only one blog… this one… and it’s so much better. I do miss posting poetry though. And the photographs too.

So, today I’m posting a recent poem for the pure delight of expressing thoughts in this form. And a surreal and beautiful photograph by my brother, Joel Clements, who has a new a photography blog ‘Follow the Dust Cloud’. I hope you enjoy them all.


The complexity of being human

Good mousers can smell a trail
Long gone cold, and will
Persist with haunches quivering
Tail erect and short inhalations
More like snorts, noses
Pressed down into wet, mouldy tunnels
With enough memory of mouse to illicit
Pavlovian response and anticipation of
Warm bodies, scratching, scrambling chase, blood letting.

On the other hand, desire leads down rabbit trails of
Mysterious occurrences, confusion and disappointment
Forks of indecision where one trail leads to ecstasy
The other, a cold grave.
Blood-warmed bodies become comfortable in their skin
Numb. Complacency is a dead end trail.

Yet, sometimes, on a sleepy Sunday morning
With the house shifting and creaking and ticking a lullaby
Stirring possibility timidly presses its’ nose to the ground
In search of the scent that remains.

Lesley-Anne Evans
February 14, 2010


  1. i really like Survey Crew. i do a lot of spoken word, and this piece i could hear as i read it. i think it’d have a lot of power spoken, and it tells a nice story that could be many places on earth, and not until the end do we see what actually inspired it. i hope you keep writing, and posting here occasionally.



  2. I really love your poem The Complexity of Being Human. It’s my favourite poem of yours that I have read so far. I’d like to read it over and over because I feel like I could find different things in it every time.

    Also…if you’re interested in Spoken Word, Shane Koyczan (the guy from Penticton who presented his poem at the opening ceremonies), is going to be performing at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival this year.



    1. Thanks for your response. I’d love to hear Shane again… and last evening I had the privilege of hearing a couple of poets reading… both very different, both inspiring. Dr. George Elliott-Clarke and slam poet Kevan Cameron a.k.a. “Scruffmouth” read at our Kelowna public library… wish you could have been there! Next time!



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