Do you laugh with God?

My son played this song for me today. I’m still thinking about it. Like what does it mean to laugh with God? Do I do that? Do you?

Here is the hauntingly beautiful voice of Regina Spektor… the video I originally posted was removed on youtube, so this one will have to do.


  1. What a beautiful voice she has! I’m not sure if this fits or not, but I laugh with God when I end up doing something I insist I will never do. For example I quit my job working in an office and declared I would never work in an office situation again, and as an aside I insisted that I would certainly never work in my husband’s office. Three months later I found myself working one day a week in my husband’s office….God and I did have a chuckle over that one. :P



  2. This is the only way I can seem to access my blog… for those of you who are following and wonder what happened to me… well a Hard Drive failure!!! So, with all the access info. on my other computer, here I am on the laptop trying to post, but can’t seem to get on. Until I figure things out, or until I get my techie children to help me, I’m unavailable for blogging. Should be up and running soon, though, so don’t give up.



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