Is your O2 running low?

How often do you find yourself in need of a little oxygen? As we navigate the often tumultuous and storm tossed waters of life, having someone beside us that we can really count on is something that we all need. Being there for each other is the difference between physical life and death for divers, and can also be for us relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Buddy breathing, in the larger picture, can be about gathering around others in community, and being there for each other in times of storms and oxygen deprivation. And hopefully also in times of celebration and regular day to day life stuff.

So here I am putting myself out there, professing to be about writing words of hope, when what I need today is some oxygen and some hope myself. I was hoping to bring oxygen to you, but my tank is pretty low right now. It makes me wonder why I’m writing this blog at all? I’m wondering what I could possibly say that could be of value to you today?

Yet, I said I’d write. And I promised my husband first thing this morning, that I would focus on something positive today.

Here goes…

The sun came out today, and it doesn’t shine here very often in February. I got up, got the kids to school on time, and wrote and returned some emails. I walked my dog around the orchard behind our house (yes, he’s still with us), and it was feeling rather Spring like outside. And now it’s time to head out the door to do some errands in my clean car (thanks to my hubby for blessing me this way), with the sun still shining. All good. And my daughter is celebrating her 12th birthday tomorrow, so I have things to plan and create and make her feel special with. All good things, yes.

But, I’m doing it all alone. Well, not actually alone… with my dog. And I’m feeling oxygen deprived and don’t know where my buddies are at the moment. Well, I guess I do. Some are working, some are tending to sick family members, some live far away, and some are just busy with their own lives. My hubby is busy at work, my kids at school, and well, I don’t really want to bother anyone with my lack, which is just about when I’m suddenly hit over the head with this truth…

I’m supposed to take all of this to God! Supernatural oxygen is right there, all the time. I only have to ask.

Seems the concept of ‘asking’ has been coming up again and again today, for some reason. ‘Ask and you shall receive’, ‘You do not have because you do not ask’, ‘What is it that you want?’ all come to mind from things I’ve read or heard just today. And I have to admit that I need to stop fretting about so many things, stop feeling sorry for myself, or lonely, or oxygen deleted, or whatever, and simply ask God to be my strength today.

Dear God,
‘I believe, please help my unbelief. I am weary, please be my strength. I am thirsty, please satisfy my need with more of you. I am lacking in so many areas, please teach me how to trust you with all of them. Be my supernatural oxygen, God. Let me turn first to you and not to others. Forgive me for the times I am so thick headed. Breathe life into me, God” Lesley-Anne

4 thoughts on “Is your O2 running low?

  1. Just a hug from me from far away. I have been having a few weeks/months of this feeling and various other feelings, not always good. So, just a hug from me to you to encourage each other and ask for help or company when needed.

  2. This is exactly what I have been feeling for a long time, especially today. We need reminding that God is there all the time and we are asking for help from people who may need help too.

    Thank you x

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