edit… revise… clarify… repeat

Sometimes what you think you are saying and what you actually say are very different. Here’s an edit of what I posted yesterday. It’s getting closer and clearer. It’s a process.

PoetryNOW… bringing poetry to people.

There is power in the written word to transport you to different times and places, cultures and experiences. Stories provide an opportunity to transcend circumstances for a time, and to live without limits in imagined worlds. Words can transform, bring joy, delight, hope and healing. Every life is a powerful narrative of words worth telling, and PoetryNOW is simply about telling real life stories in poetic form.

PoetryNOW is an exciting new initiative that brings poetry down to earth, and makes it accessible to ordinary people. PoetryNOW brings poets and writers to where you are, whether that be independant, supportive or assisted living environments. Poets will read to you and write for you, about the things that matter to you. PoetryNOW offers a way to enrich, honour and bring renewed hope into your life.

Lesley-Anne Evans, writer and poet, created PoetryNOW after losing a dear friend to ALS in May 2009. Sharing poetry and stories with him and others during the time of his illness and through the grieving process, convinced Lesley-Anne that writing and speaking meaningful words can impact people in profound and lasting ways. PoetryNOW aspires to create opportunities for meaningful interactions through its program of poetry readings and personalized poetry writing.”

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