Fleshing things out

Today I wrote down where I’m heading… and it helps to do that! Take the amorphous thoughts and put them down, make sense of them. Because I have to be able to vocalize what I’m thinking, and after the ‘Step One’ of yesterday, I have to email ‘further information’ to a potential client.

So, here’s the first few paragraphs of my draft proposal… tell me what you think so far…

PoetryNOW… bringing poetry to people

There is power in the written word to transport you to different times and places, cultures and experiences. Stories provide the opportunity to transcend circumstances for a time, and to live without limits in imagined worlds. And, words have the power to transform, bringing joy, delight, hope and healing, when you recognize that every life, including your own, is a powerful narrative of words that is worth telling.

PoetryNOW is an exciting new program initiative launched by Lesley-Anne Evans, B.L. Arch., to bring poetry down to earth, and make it accessible to ordinary people. Through readings, and personalized poetry writing, Lesley-Anne desires to enrich, honour and bring hope to the lives of participants in the program.

Lesley-Anne’s personal experience of losing a dear friend to ALS in May 2009, and sharing poetry and stories with him and others during the time of his illness, affirms the truth; that writing down and sharing meaningful words with people can impact them forever. PoetryNOW provides a way to do that.”

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