And so we begin…

This morning I received a phone call, just as I was getting ready to take the kids to school.  It was a very energetic woman calling from the ALS Society of Canada, and with that call I KNEW things had shifted from the vague possibility of doing something, to the potential reality that it would/could/should happen.

That call must be part of a wake up plan that I need to get me moving forward. Because, it seems no matter how many things line up for me, how often I get that shivery feeling that this was all divinely planned in advance, the number of times I recognize people and circumstances and opportunities converging all at once… still, I catch myself thinking that this couldn’t possibly be happening to me! But it is.

This morning was no different. I got off the phone flying with excitement and creative energy, then immediately began to wonder if I’m getting in over my head, if I have a real unique marketable idea, and how will I really do this? The biggest obstacle being that I need to take the time to write down what I’ve got in mind.

So, I’m taking another step out… or a series of steps… starting this new blog, leaving my other blogs (, and on simmer for now (there’s lots of stuff for you to read there if you’re interested), and spending some time writing down a plan. I’d much rather blog, or write poetry, or just surf, dream and talk about it, but the time has come to put solid words down and commit to a plan, a proposal or something that indicates that I’ve thought this through and I know where I’m headed for the most part.

I know that sounds pretty vague, but I believe it will all be revealed in time. I know it’s just being revealed to me too!

On task, staying on the path, eyes wide open,



  1. My motivation to start this was that, so often we talk and pontificate of how wonderful we all are, and what’s good to do, but seldom does it go faurther. My desire is to honour Art and the core people close to him who stood by and helped. To not at least TRY to do something further, would be so unfortunate, in light of all the effort that poured out. Let’s see where this goes!



  2. May God bless you and work through you!! I am very excited for you! I look forward to seeing where He leads you!
    This post reminds me of my new years verse & challenge to myself…

    “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

    New Year Challenge:

    Will 2010 ‘BE” my year? Will I take the risks involved & allow God to work & fulfill my ‘longings’? Or will I “deferr my hope” with someday syndrome or by allowing fear to hold me back? hmmm…



    1. Kristina, your words are a comfort to me, and a confirmation. That verse of yours… wonderful! I pray that the truth in it is an anointing for you to move out into what God has placed into your heart… hope… life… GO! Thank you for reading and commenting. Come back soon.



  3. Hi Lesley-Anne

    I work for ALS Canada and I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog and keeping people filled with hope.

    Awareness and hope are critical to people with ALS and to our goal of finding treatments and a cure. If you would like to chat with me, please call any time: 1-800-267-4257 (ext. 219)


    Laurie Pringle



    1. Dear Laurie,
      I realize I thanked you on your own blog, but not here. So, THANK YOU for encouraging me. I am keeping my eyes on the future, while taking one day at a time. Thank you also for all you do for those touched by ALS. I will definitely be in touch once I determine a course of action.



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